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About OndaForums

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About OndaForums


OndaForums is an Onda device owner, member support forum  



Ondaforum was created to provide an English language forum for Onda device owners

Ondaforum is a central location to share knowledge and support among device owners,

with high hopes, to encourage further personal development of Onda devices.

Ondaforum Download Directory, serves as a repository of hosted and Onda re-hosted files.

Ondaforum device model forums contain device specific topics and discussions


Onda Official Forum site general information:

If you purchase a Onda tablet and desire manufacturer attentions ...

email / telephone the appropriate sources through official channels

or go the official Onda forum website    

This does require you to become member at that forum site

Follow their established guides and rules for posting

Contact / posts requires forum native language ( Chinese Simplified )


Until post is published and recognized by Onda reps, in the official forum page(s),

Onda employees, reps, volunteer MODS etc. do not officially respond.

As with any forum site, please keep in mind  ..

MODS most often are well respected individuals with substantial experience.

More often – consider locale customs and traditions when posting

Post(s) directed at or toward individuals, normally will be ignored by general membership.



The Onda Device Owner Burden

Every ( Non-Literate of the Chinese language ) owner feels a certain level of frustration and anxiety

Over time, we all come to accept we must rely on the support of one another

Many learn to rely on language translators ( as poor as translations may be ) and work it out..

Many rely solely on the translation provided by others.

Many contribute their own translations, quite often going through multiple translations -

translated to English from their own native language translations, from Chinese originals

If you find the published translations unacceptable, ignore them or provide a better translation.

Directing complaints or negative remarks of translated post(s) achieves no positive results.


Onda Device Owners Support Forums, BBS’s and Groups flourish worldwide.

Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish,  etc. … all require respective native languages.

Many are dedicated to a single device model ( as was this original forum – )


Many times … “ Googling “ ( internet searches ) to specific questions  provide answers.

Quite often, internet searches may provide a better or different answer … quicker.


In Brief:

Many arrive here with a predisposed idea that all the answers would be found,  in English.

Welcome to the forums, join in and participate, help one another to solve issues.

We are here because we are Onda device owners and seek help and assistance.

There is an answer for everything  …  Patience is required  … while we discover them.


Bottom Line

Reality check –  We all got exactly what we paid for – the cheapest devices on the market.

A China device manufactured for China populace, with No design for English consumption.




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