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About OndaForums

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About OndaForums


OndaForums is an Onda device owner, member support forum  



Ondaforum was created to provide an English language forum for Onda device owners

Ondaforum is a central location to share knowledge and support among device owners,

with high hopes, to encourage further personal development of Onda devices.

Ondaforum Download Directory, serves as a repository of hosted and Onda re-hosted files.

Ondaforum device model forums contain device specific topics and discussions


Onda Official Forum site general information:

If you purchase a Onda tablet and desire manufacturer attentions ...

email / telephone the appropriate sources through official channels

or go the official Onda forum website  http://www.ondabbs.cn/forum.php    

This does require you to become member at that forum site

Follow their established guides and rules for posting

Contact / posts requires forum native language ( Chinese Simplified )


Until post is published and recognized by Onda reps, in the official forum page(s),

Onda employees, reps, volunteer MODS etc. do not officially respond.

As with any forum site, please keep in mind  ..

MODS most often are well respected individuals with substantial experience.

More often – consider locale customs and traditions when posting

Post(s) directed at or toward individuals, normally will be ignored by general membership.



The Onda Device Owner Burden

Every ( Non-Literate of the Chinese language ) owner feels a certain level of frustration and anxiety

Over time, we all come to accept we must rely on the support of one another

Many learn to rely on language translators ( as poor as translations may be ) and work it out..

Many rely solely on the translation provided by others.

Many contribute their own translations, quite often going through multiple translations -

translated to English from their own native language translations, from Chinese originals

If you find the published translations unacceptable, ignore them or provide a better translation.

Directing complaints or negative remarks of translated post(s) achieves no positive results.


Onda Device Owners Support Forums, BBS’s and Groups flourish worldwide.

Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish,  etc. … all require respective native languages.

Many are dedicated to a single device model ( as was this original forum – v975m.com )


Many times … “ Googling “ ( internet searches ) to specific questions  provide answers.

Quite often, internet searches may provide a better or different answer … quicker.


In Brief:

Many arrive here with a predisposed idea that all the answers would be found,  in English.

Welcome to the forums, join in and participate, help one another to solve issues.

We are here because we are Onda device owners and seek help and assistance.

There is an answer for everything  …  Patience is required  … while we discover them.


Bottom Line

Reality check –  We all got exactly what we paid for – the cheapest devices on the market.

A China device manufactured for China populace, with No design for English consumption.



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  • Similar Content

    • By RobV
      Onda Hardware  “ Assembly “ Version errata
      " Assembly " version = 9th V / 10th # of s/n,
      EX: V975WBE1V1A06535
      beginning with the first five = V975W device
      then xxx ( coded info for Manufacturer, production week, assembly line )
      then Vx assembly version
      then A ( letter - 2nd 100,000 = B ) then xxxxx ( 99,999 manufactured item count number )
      V# change is due to a change in parts provider or actual part change in some form.
      EX: WiFi / BT combination chip, different battery.
      Chip set and board generally remain the same in all device assembly versions.
      Onda does not publish assembly change logs
      Onda re-cycles device model names = model identifier may have different CPU architecture
      example :
      V919 = 2 core Mediatek  --   V919 3G = 4 core Mediatek  --  V919 3G Air = 8 Core Mediatek --
      V919 3G Air Dual System = 4 core Intel  --  V919 3G Core M = 2 Core Intel
      Device model / series firmware is NOT interchangeable with other device architectures.
       --  Windows 8.1 devices are on Intel architectures.,  firmware will NOT install on other CPU architectures
      Folks that have installed the improper version firmware discover internal devices do not operate properly
      EX: camera, WiFi / BT
      Brushing the proper Firmware, generally corrects issues due to improper firmware installation.
      Brushing any firmware to the wrong device may cause permanent " Bricking ",
      Clarifying example: v975m firmware to v975, v975i, v975s, v975w device
      Do NOT expect a miracle.
      Android / Windows OS installation files include necessary drivers for noted hardware version,
      Dual System model named devices with matching v# BIOS, all internal devices should function properly
      Device and manufacturer identifiers are in manufacturer assigned sequence and is for representative purposes.
      Onda labeled ( EX: V975W  ) device firmware states 9th and 10th identifier = V# ...
      as does 99% of the current Onda devices available for purchase. ( 3 device model exceptions )
      If your device does not have " ONDA " on device back, it is not an Onda device
      All Onda tablet device(s) serial numbers follow same identifier sequence.
      Onda utilizes proprietary ROM technology.
      Brushing / Flashing incorrect firmware to any device may permanently " Brick " your device
      Edit 20150728
      Onda releases are device hardware assembly version specific ... they are not a device update,  unless specified in file description
      Not previously mentioned - some devices - Touch panel and other partial drivers are in the BIOS install.
      When in doubt, read ALL previous device related posts and instructions provided.
      Original site “ What Version - Help Posts “  topic link:

      New device specific releases may require future edit or adaptation of general statements 
      Current device models
      - first 5 identifiers vary from Onda sales model name and referenced device model file names
      - EX: Older model, named V975M  -  first five model identifiers were V975M serial number and files
      - Current EX  V820, V820w, V820 Dual System Series - serial numbers may all begin with "P" before model identifier
           - the fifth identifier is different for each specific model
           - Onda does not publish any type of cross reference literature
      - As new devices are released, first identifier may also change.
    • By RobV
      Onda dual system Tablet PC FAQ
      Intel processor devices
      Onda dual system Tablet PC FAQ Description
      Updated: 2015-1-16 11:31:43
      A disk partition Android system and Windows systems Description
        1. Tablet PC with 32GB partition, for example as follows:
      32GB disk conversion loss is removed, the available capacity is about 29GB.
      By dividing the capacity of 10GB Android system, remove the space occupied by the system, the user available capacity is about 6.5GB.
      Under Window8.1 system into a 19GB capacity, remove the recovery partition occupies 5GB, system disk partition visible for 14GB, 4GB capacity to remove the system takes the user about available capacity is about 10GB.
       2. Tablet with 64GB partition, for example as follows:
      64GB disk conversion loss is removed, the available capacity is about 58GB.
      Partition 20GB capacity under Android system, remove the space occupied by the system, the user available capacity is about 13GB.
      Under Window8.1 system into a 38GB capacity, remove the recovery partition occupies 5GB, system disk partition visible for 33GB, 4GB capacity to remove the system takes the user about available capacity is about 29GB.
      Second, the dual system switches Description
      In the Android system to switch Windows in Android system, designated under the top right of the menu appears (see below)
      Select Click "OS switching" to quickly switch to the Windows system reboot

      Switching Android system in the Windows system
      1) Click on the icon on the desktop taskbar to switch (Android icon) (see below)

      2) Click the "OK" quick restart and switch to Android system (see below)

      Third, the dual system tablet other FAQs
      A dual boot system, Tablet PC to enter the kind of system?
      Users get a new machine, the boot by default into windows8.1 system.
      Onda models have dual boot system default system memory. If the user wants to enter a default android system at boot time, you only need a normal shutdown in android system environment, the next boot to enter the default android system; if you want to boot into default when windows8.1 system only needs windows8 .1 system environment under normal shutdown, the next boot into windows system to default.
      2, android tablet dual system partition with windows8.1 disk partition, you can share it?
      Android system partition disk partition and windows8.1 system, mutually independent disk partition, disk space and data partition of the two is not shared.
      Under the android system that is inaccessible to view the file data in the windows8.1 system partition; under windows8.1 view the file system can not access the data partition of the android system.
      External TF card expansion disk space and data in android and windows8.1 can be shared, TF card file data in both systems can read access.
      3, the user can modify the disk partition size it?
      Currently does not support the user to modify the disk partition size.
      Onda dual system Tablet PC FAQ.pdf
    • By RobV
      Adding a pic, pdf, etc. to post
      Here is what I discovered …
      When  posting to existing topic  “ more reply options “  button
      When editing existing post   “ Edit “  ..  “ Use Full Editor “
      When Creating Topic ( automatically opens Full Editor )
      1 Full editor / more reply options will display “ Attach Files “ section, below posting area
      2 Select ( Choose File ) file name saved and located on your computer
      3 Upload to forum  ( Attach This File )
        -  All uploaded file will be listed , under / below post
      < Uploads are saved to member files, attachment file – located in “ My Settings “ >
      4 In the topic post area - position cursor where you want to locate the pic / pdf, etc.
      5 on right side of uploaded file name(s) list  “ Add To Post “ 
      or  Delete file ( from member attachment list ) from forum server
      6 Save / Post  or Submit modified post to save and close the edit / post functions
      Please immediately review changes to topic, edit as necessary
      Finished post appearance may differ from editing function view
      Embedded pics appear as small images, clicking on the embedded pic will open larger image
      Linked pics etc. will take member to other internet locations 
      URL info is only necessary for – link to off forum location.
      Ex: Download Directory / Google  Images etc. is not part of ondaforums
      Reminder: Some locales or service providers may block certain url addresses
      Links are recommended for large pics and videos – ( various viewing methods )
      videos placed directly in the post have created server-wide issues in the past
      Again, this is what I discovered, there may be other ways
      Hope this helps
    • By RobV
      Win 8.1 Update Information
      Refer to device version Firmware installation instructions for step by step tutorials.
      Refer to device version BIOS installation instruction for step by step tutorials.
      Onda devices are proprietary ROM / Firmware / BIOS configurations
      Proprietary configured devices require Onda methods and processes.
      “ Onda “ method for each device … may vary by device and assembly version.
      “ Onda Official “ methods ( Chinese Simplified Language )
      WINDOWS 8.1 w/Bing
      Device specific “ Firmware “ ( Windows installation ) need matched to specific BIOS versions
      Current version is  Windows 8.1 w/Bing ( Onda version – contains required device drivers )
      Downloads consist of 2 parts, each in compressed format – both parts are required.
      Once downloaded to your computer, and placed in the same location ( folder )
      Begin expansion / de-compression, starting with Part 1 … Part 2 should automatically complete
      Your expansion software may ask to confirm location of part 2, prior to completing expansion.
      This creates a single folder ( includes Chinese language Instructions )
      Onda version is Chinese Simplified Language - Win 8.1 w/Bing Operating System
      English translated ( Bing / Google ) Installation Instructions made available by members.
      Member provided Language change video and instructions links, can be located in the  
      “ Change Language in Android - Win 8.1 “  FAQ post.
      Installation / upgrade instruction are becoming standardized to board architecture.
      Devices containing Intel processor boards follow same general instruction set.
      Important …
      Device assembly version match the Onda Windows install version
      Device BIOS version match the Onda Win 8.1 w/Bing version
      EX:  “ V975w_v3_Win8.1_AFO1.0.0-10172014 “  match  “ v975w_v3_WinBios-0926 “
      1 Refer to individual device forums for any specific updates / changes for your device
      2 “ Custom “ offerings and processes may differ from Onda Official release.
      Refer to “ Custom ROM / Firmware “ Sub-Forums for assistance and discussions.
      BIOS file match is generally referenced in the specific Win8.1 Firmware / BIOS posts
      Updating Windows without BOS update often results with system difficulties or failure.
      Recommend the Bios to be updated 1st  ( or may require a Windows re-installation  )
      Windows updates may result with internal device failure ( EX: Camera not functioning )
      After updating:  Internal device(s) may require re-installation or updating of affected devices.
      Refer to General Win ( 8.1 ) errata

      I recommend visiting www.eightforums.com for Windows 8.1 related help.
      “ Win 8.1 w/Bing “ is same windows operating system for every device it is installed on.
      Manufacturer device version BIOS / Win 8.1 contain all specific hardware drivers.
      Final Note:
      Onda updates ( historically ) may address “ targeted fixes “ to only specific issues ….
      Onda provided fixes often appear to cause lesser results with other internal device(s)
      Ie: fixing the WiFi / Blue Tooth power off issue may cause WiFi Direct to malfunction.
      We purchased the lowest price item available  … Do not compare to Apple / Samsung
      EDIT 10/29/2014
      Installing 360 protection packages
      360-related protection software, and antivirus, cleaning operations
      mistakenly deleted system files, leading to touch being unusable after reboot.
      OTG external keyboard and mouse required, and then driver package to re-install the driver.
      Another option is to perform a system restore
      Onda tablet preinstalled Win8.1 systems with Office 365
      Office  -  is now ( only ) activated, using an internet connection.
      Ie:  after Win 8.1 system activation is completed, then click the Office icon on the Start menu,
      Office activation must be associated with a Microsoft account.
      SPECIAL NOTE: Office cannot be activated if the tablet system date and time is incorrect.
      EDIT 20150508
      “ Language packs are no longer available after you upgrade to Windows 8.1 “
       Resolution:  http://support.micro....com/kb/2910256
    • By RobV
      Change Language in Android - Win 8.1
      left side - scroll down to Capital "A"  - click
      right side - click 1st line
      right side - scroll down list  - select language of choice
      Some Android versions / devices may require restart for all to be in chosen language.
      Snyperr has provided pictorial based on KitKat, located in the v989 forum. Link:

      Windows 8.1
      Recommended Links from Member provided posts.
      Please read the entire topics, as additional language related questions may be answered.
      Windows 8.1 Change Language Instructions
      Pinned to the v975w FAQ sub-forum
      Windows Quick Start Guide  Video +   Credit to “ dodongobongo “

      Post #2 Onda 975w tips .pdf   Credit to “ newtoonda “  download link:
      Additional Win 8.1 “ Changing the Remains “  instructions post by “ newtoonda “ post #8