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V101w quad-core -V5_Win8.1_x86_Drivers

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V101w quad-core -V5_Win8.1_x86_Drivers

(V5 version applies only to models)

File size:        120.5MB

Update:          2014-11-13



1. Apply to V101w quad-core version V5 models, Win8.1 / 32-bit systems



1. Please download the driver archive, extract the inside of the driver and tutorials,

and before installing the driver, read the driver installation tutorial.

2, check the version number,

see the models on the back of the ninth and tenth place SN code.




All available download files are located in the Downloads directory.

“ Downloads “ button at the top of this page

Available files are grouped by Device named category

All files are listed in reverse chronological order ( newest upload file is listed first )

Most device categories each have multiple pages of listed file names.




V101w v5 Driver Installation Guide 1.pdf

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