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      Xiaomi Coupons   11/15/2017

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Onda Z - Custom ROM Onda suite flashable

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Gearbest Xiaomi Brand Sale - Up To 60% OFF promotion
Xiaomi Brand Sale - Up To 60% OFF

Hi guys, I have to state a problem. In Facebook app when I try to watch a video ? the app freezes. Home bottom, right button to see the cards and then remove the app. Then open again, same problem. Can I do something. Also, many apps are not supported by play store. Can you explain that? I have downloaded them from somewhere else but why? Thanks...

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    • By saqib
      I Need custom  rom and instructions on how to install  v989 Air Core8
      firmware version v2.0.1_v5 
      Android 4.4.4 is installed ... 
    • By myrmigki
      Well, I never thought I would say this but it seems I have to declare my v989 v4 tablet DEAD! I would greatly appreciate if somebody else who has experienced something like this gave a clue or two. Here is what happened:
      I have an Onda v989 v4 tablet with the custom "Onda z rom" (provided by ardpat - not the lolipop version) installed. While surfing the web, using chrome, my screen went black, tablet shut off and wouldn't boot at all. After several unsuccesfull tries to revive it I tried to get into recovery mode without success. I tried to connect it via usb cable to my pc but it wasn't recognized at all. I decided to install a stock or/and custom rom via onda suite and phoenix suite but tablet was never recognized by either of them. I even tried to install a rom using an sd card but with no result at all. During all the above mentioned procedures the screen was always black.
      Since my tablet had earlier crush issues when battery reached a certain amount of battery power (55%-75%), that were solved using the  method provided by timox ("disconnect the power cable wich is connected to the battery and wait for some time before reconnecting it"),  I decided to open the back cover and check again the battery connections, but everything seemed in place. I removed the battery cable, waited for a minute and reconnected it, but tablet did not boot.However there is some strange behaviour. As soon as I press the power button the mainboard (motherboard) of the tablet is heating indicating that power from the battery is running to it. In addition as soon as I press the power button for ten seconds tablets mainboard coolls off in a minute or two indicating that it is turned off.
      I then gave the tablet to an electrician to check it. He did some tests and told me that mainboard had a problem and propably it needs to be replaced. He said that some chips where dragging more power than the appropriate resulting in a malfunction. I am not an electrician therefore I don't know if he is telling me the truth and mainboard is the problem or he's trying to make some easy bucks. Has anyone of you had this problem before?
      In any case do you know where can I find a mainboard for my v989 tablet?
    • By Dalo
      Hi all,
      Hoping to get a little bit of help here.  I bought my 16 gig, Onda V989 Air v3 about a month ago now and I've barely been able to use it.  
      1) The internal memory is separated into two partitions one of them being only 1.7 gigs.  All my apps seem to be being downloaded to this partition instead of the bigger one, and as a result I have close to 10 gigs of space remaining in my total internal memory but I can't download any more apps.  Does anyone know how to fix this?
      2) I bought the tablet with the expection that I would be able to upgrade to Lollipop immediately.  After a great deal of searching I still can't find any update to Lollipop for this device.  Is there one available? If not, what's the best ROM / custom ROM and where do I find it?
      3) I tried contacting Onda to either get a replacement (as I thought the memory partition issue was defect) or return the device and I couldn't get through.  They would take a day to respond to each email and would give me the run around, repeating themselves over and over again (delete unused apps).  Is there a better way of contacting these people, or do they really just not give a f*ck?
    • By Playa
      Hello dear V1 tablet owners!
      I just made a custom ROM based on 1.0.6 V1 with stock Android UI (took from 1.0.1 V3)
      My zip is based on @adrpat zip.
      It basically deletes bloatware and replaces ugly UI with stock made by Google.
      Here are some screenshots for you

      1)Install stock 1.0.6 ROM
      2)Reboot to recovery
      3)Install v989-update-signed.zip
      4)Wipe data/cache

    • By little_dragon_JJ
      I'm making custom rom based on Onda's leaked test version lollipop rom.

      Original test firmware is already almost "clean" (means no chinese apps). So I only added some performance tweaks and root tablet things.

      I created the rom for these porposes.
      * remove non-essential apps as clean as possible.
      * as a stable base for your own custom rom.

      About CleanONDA50(BETA)
      * based on stock rom leaked test version 5.0
      * root
      * cwm recovery
      * init.d support
      - install-recovery.sh is no longer available because of strict lollipop's security framework.
      - insted of install-recovery.sh, I used a tricky way but it seems working well...
      * A7(1.2gHz) A15(1.8gHz) cpu mod
      - Original firmware, A15 big core runs 1.6gHz with "performance" governor. This means big core has a choice between two things, 0gHz or 1.6gHz. So I change A15 frequency to 1.8gHz with "interactive" governor. I think this is faster and better battery.
      * large ZRAM (more ram available)
      * tweaks for improving graphic perforamnce
      * entropy generator for removing lag
      * disable scrolling cache
      * change art-compiler option for stronger optimization
      * disable ext4 journaling (improve i/o performance)
      * I don't use placebo tweaks you can easily find in the internet such as described build.prop. I check the effectiveness quantitatively by myself.

      How to use

      1. flash modified (non-rooted) firmware image file (V989 Core8_v5.0_v4-test.cwm) via Onda/PhoneixSuite.
      * use OndaSuite/PhoenixSuite for flash the img file.

      * it may show "fail" in red chinese language. but ignore it.

      2. boot Lollipop

      3. reboot for cwm recovery. (settings) -> (Backup & reset) -> (Recovery Modes)

      4. copy update zip files (BETA-SuperSU-v2.44.zip & cleanonda50beta_update1*.zip) into sdcard.

      5. flash update files (BETA-SuperSU-v2.44.zip & cleanonda50beta_update1*.zip) via cwm recovery
      ** disable check signature if it is enable **

      Flash cleanonda50beta_update1*.zip via cwm recovery
      You can upgrade from any previous version or directly from original firmware after flash BETA-SuperSU.zip. For example,

      * V989 Core8_v5.0_v4-test.cwm -> BETA-SuperSU-v2.44.zip -> cleanonda50beta_update1f.zip
      * V989 Core8_v5.0_v4-test.cwm -> BETA-SuperSU-v2.44.zip -> cleanonda50beta_update1c.zip -> cleanonda50beta_update1f.zip

      Update history
      * update1c:
      - fix bugs in tweaks
      - add some tweaks (feel smoother system ui)
      * update1d
      - stronger optimization of art-compiler (if it doen't start rebuild at boot process automatically, you need rebuild oat/dex files manually)
      - disable list-scrolling cache (modified framework.apk)
      * update1e:
      - disabled ext4 journaling (improve filesystem io, if you check it with quadrant benchmark, you will see io performance improves extremely)
      - replace old cwm recovery to new PhilZ Touch Recovery (built by WoulDoar/) Now, we can wipe cache/dalvikcache, backup and restore!
      * update1f(new):
      - change z-buffer mode (increase smoothness at some apps, such as gmail, system ui)
      Known issues
      * no battery usage
      * system's media codec, media ID tags parser issue
      * cwm cannot backup&restore (fixed update1e)



      Use at your own risk! Don't blame me!

      * official recovery partition img download
      If you want to revert to official recovery, use this img. You need this if you initialize your tablet.
      dd if=/mnt/extsd/recovery.img of=/dev/block/by-name/recovery * xposed module
      see official page in detail http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3034811
      I modified the script in the zip for v989. xposed-v65-sdk21-arm-mod-v989.zip
      !!! caution !!! i don't make uninstall zip yet !!!
      How to
      * How to wipe dalvik-cache
      Lollipop has no longer used dalvikvm. However insted of dalvik-cache, it has oat files in the same dalvik-cache directory. If you modify a apk file, you need to rebuild oat files.
      But cwm in this rom is build for lollipop version. The cwm cannot access /data /sdcard partitions. So the cwm cannot wipe dalvik-cache/oat files. If you want to wipe cache, you have to do it manually.

      - by terminal or adb
      rm -r /data/dalvik-cache/*syncreboot - Root Explorer
      remove two folders, /data/dalvik-cache/arm, /data/dalvik-cache/profiles then reboot.

      - If you upgraded update1e,
      use PhilZ Touch Recovery (wipe from recovery menu)
      * How to repair /data /cache filesystems
      I removed ext4 journaling at update1e. It improves i/o performance greatly, but decrease reliability when shutting down unexpectedly. Once file system has data corruption, you need to run fsck program. But the fsck cannot be run from Android. The program has to be run from the cwm.
      I made a script to run /system/bin/e2fsck. The log will be saved in /mnt/extsd/e2fsck_log.txt.
      Flash e2fsck_flash_v989lollipop.zip as same way for updates.

Gearbest Xiaomi Brand Sale - Up To 60% OFF promotion
Xiaomi Brand Sale - Up To 60% OFF

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