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Ultra-thin leather case

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I bought this cover and it is very good. I highly recommend it. The thing that sets it apart from other cover is written on the V975.


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you use it every day and still like new. Put the unboxing video on my YouTube channel.

Can you post a link to the YouTube channel ?

Verstuurd vanaf mijn Find 5 met Tapatalk

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Is it safe? is the tablet stable and protected?

I too have this cover, but can't completely agree with what the others have said.

Yes, it fits well.

Yes, it is smart looking and protects the tablet.

Yes, all ports are easily accessible.


as a stand, I don't think it's that great. Unless you get it folded just right, it can collapse in use - it would be better if (like most tablet cases of this style) there were magnets in the top corners of the screen cover which connect with magnets in the bottom corners of the plastic back cover to stop the "slipping" of the grey material on the plastic back (does that make sense?)


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