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Install DualOS (Windows and Android) on SingleOS System

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Hello all,


The following guide is a rough translation from this post. A user from the xda forums PM'd me a link to that forum post, to which I used Google Translate to figure out what it said, so I'm simply sharing an already translated version here for the rest of you. All credit belongs to those in the original post and zjw831 for sending me the link.

Some/most of these files may be available here on ondaforum.com, but I'm simply paraphrasing the guide I was given into an easier-to-understand English.

I haven't performed this on my own tablet yet but will soon and post my results then.




Current known issues:

  1. The camera cannot be directly opened, but can be through QQ or other camera software. When it is called through QQ or other software, the camera is inverted and there is no currently known way to fix this.
  2. Unlike the native DualOS systems, our systems cannot enter DnX mode to upgrade Android
  3. Our systems cannot connect to a computer via data connection. They can only charge via USB.

If the above issues are not issues to you, then please proceed with the guide, otherwise stop here.

Performing these operations has the risk of damage to your device if performed incorrectly. It's because of this that you do so at your own risk.

This has only been tested on 6 v820w's and 4 v891w's.




Things you will need:

  1. Onda v891w single system tablet (has 32gb of storage and is a v1 or v3)
  2. USB hub
  3. USB keyboard
  4. USB thumbdrive. 8gb recommended, but 4gb may work too
  5. USB mouse (unless you feel confident that you can perform everything in this guide with just a keyboard)

Necessary tools:

  1. DualOS BIOS: v891w DualOS BIOS 09
  2. PE Toolbox: WinPE 5.1 x86 for Tablet 1.7 ISO
  3. Startup disk tool: UltraISO v9.5.2.2836
  4. Backup/Recovery Tool: DiskGenius4.7
  5. v891w Touchscreen driver:
    1. Touchdriver_v1 models: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kTsZsnPPassword: cmrw
    2. Touchdriver_v3 models: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1ntmjCShPassword: 4vo9

Touch doesn't seem to work too well in the PE environment so it's best to stick to a USB mouse for the time being.


Step One: Flash the official DualOS system BIOS (v891w DualOS BIOS 09)

Follow the instructions for flashing the BIOS carefully.


Step Two: Making the PE boot disk (WinPE 5.1 x86 for Tablet 1.7 ISO)

  1. Download UltraISO and run as Administrator
  2. Load the WinPE ISO
  3. Write the disk image to your USB thumbdrive

IMAGE 1: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/142025r695rwe5v430lv3e.jpg


IMAGE 2: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/142026atxjj99erxjo8fxx.jpg


IMAGE 3: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/142029gys3zybctbfcegfs.jpg


IMAGE 4: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/142032we7sr9eg7ueslz0g.jpg


Step Three:

Unzip the touchscreen driver, partition tables, and DiskGenius files to the USB thumbdrive.

v891w-Android partition data recovery file. Password: tjmt


Unzip the files to the USB thumbdrive as so:


IMAGE 5: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/154616cz0po088ap80qzpp.jpg


IMAGE 6: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/154620lwwz39rwz6ue9w4t.jpg


Step Four: Connect the USB keyboard, mouse, and thumbdrive to the USB hub and plug the USB hub into your tablet, then boot to the USB thumbdrive.

  1. Start the tablet from the USB drive.
  2. Load the PE touchscreen driver.
  3. Start the DiskGen hard drive tool (NOTE: PE comes with DiskGen 4.3, but the backups were made using 4.7 so you need to open "PE Toolbox", choose "TC file manager" and find the DiskGenius4.7 folder, and run DiskGenius as Administrator.)
  5. Restore the provided partition table. (NOTE: Because the backup of the machine may restore the hard drive with a different size, pay attention to the restore. If there are any errors, choose "repair partition table."

IMAGE 7 : http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/160342dhh99ag25qtz2zel.jpg


IMAGE 8: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/160346jyxy33pkiis38a3s.jpg


IMAGE 9: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/160934d49904n4004fd4vz.jpg


IMAGE 10: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/160942laryhosoat262dz4.jpg


IMAGE 11: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/160952yocctgtqdht99hu9.jpg


IMAGE 12: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/161000zgsal6y6ds6hccaz.jpg



IMAGE 13: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/161732ld8l2qqevs2weqxw.jpg


IMAGE 14: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/161735rhyh1bcjiscuyxyq.jpg


IMAGE 15: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/161739qbv53g0u0upjevvv.jpg


IMAGE 16: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/161742kq7vdj8ias7aauan.jpg


IMAGE 17: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/161745o3z1j14zy1chvcd1.jpg


IMAGE 18: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/162155zay7edej6izgeday.jpg


IMAGE 19: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/162159lczc1dntnaz1xaba.jpg


IMAGE 20: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/162905kjlbv9nuwpg2jjpg.jpg


IMAGE 21: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/162908wgvr4miiizzk4kxm.jpg


IMAGE 22: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/162912rl545ll2xh5ff22l.jpg


IMAGE 23: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/162918fqq69qz3huitpcut.jpg


IMAGE 24: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/162921w0wkzxs0rgsx0rvr.jpg


IMAGE 25: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/162925v6kx6ow07v9u6dy7.jpg


IMAGE 26: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/162931qyz4tmtbn695loc4.jpg




After the recovery is completed, click on the "Save Changes" button, and then ***restart diskgen according to the above method, remember, must restart, otherwise, will restore the data wrong*** After restarting diskgen, the hard drive partition table will display as shown below:


IMAGE 27: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/163724ev10zkyv03vzav30.jpg



Delete the last three partitions after rebooting, because when you install Windows, the last three partitions will be rewritten. Right-click directly on the corresponding partition and select "Delete Partition" then click on "Save Changes"


IMAGE 28: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/164117z8m07yngnnl687gp.jpg


IMAGE 29: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/164120ky6kkwk4rcc1rrwd.jpg


IMAGE 30: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/164123cmpvacp5sacp3vuu.jpg


IMAGE 31: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/164127yuex2qwe11wxs1xs.jpg


IMAGE 32: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/164130ukuh1kfujmjz7xjf.jpg



Step 6: Android partition recovery

A total of 15 partitions now need to be restored (partition files 0-14). Starting on the left side of the partition table and with file 0.pmf restore the partitions from each consecutive and/or corresponding image file. If, during this series of operations, DiskGen crashes, reopen it and begin restoring from the previous partition and then move onward until all 15 (0-14.pmf) have been restored, then shutdown the tablet.


IMAGE 33: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/165523ax00x11f26rqn78x.jpg


IMAGE 34: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/165527ydd3xz3c85d3588o.jpg


IMAGE 35: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/165530rq6ln10oiezlnrt6.jpg


IMAGE 36: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/165536uhoznjrp7a9gr4vr.jpg


IMAGE 37: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/165540uxsrncsslyms9sfs.jpg


IMAGE 38: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/165547sahxxpai0z6uzu6u.jpg


IMAGE 39: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/165849ssno8o9moo00or0m.jpg


IMAGE 40: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/165853bv0007xl0s1lz7es.jpg


IMAGE 41: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/165856eqqtpprpvmr4pp5y.jpg


IMAGE 42: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/165859npp1w08e8asis3h1.jpg


And so on...


IMAGE 43: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/165903xqyyqyag9seeriqz.jpg



Step Seven: After recovery, shut down, unplug the USB Thumbdrive, boot into the BIOS, and setup the options for Android.


IMAGE 44: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/170102fvmcusvjsa2v7mmv.jpg


IMAGE 45: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/170105eqqmnfowch9mczo9.jpg



Step Eight: Hold the power button and the Volume down button to enter Android recovery. Proceed to perform a double WIPE. Choose "wipe data/factory reset" and then choose "wipe cache partition."




IMAGE 46: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/170304cjlfgal1jnvnar4q.jpg



Then boot to Android:

IMAGE 47: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/170312fl7et73x4ttngz70.jpg


IMAGE 48: http://www.ondabbs.cn/data/attachment/forum/201503/02/170315ziubr2v8uk67ou98.jpg


I had originally inserted each image directly into the post but apparently there is a limit, so if you found this hard to follow, please go back up to the top and click the link to the original post, create an account on ondabbs.cn and view the images there for yourself.


And there you have it, you've now installed Android.


Best of luck to everyone!

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UPDATE: The thread seems to be closed on the ondabbs.cn website. It should be noted that for restoring from partition 8 and onward, you should use the DiskGenius from the TBLauncher instead of the newer version. I was unable to restore partition 8-14 with the newer version. It works in the built-in version. I'll post more information as I get closer to finishing.

EDIT: I was wrong. using the older version SEEMED to work but didn't actually.


EDIT 2: Although it seemed to fail, I now have android working on my tablet. I have to go to work but I'll post screenshots later!


EDIT 3: The thread on ondabbs is NOT closed, it may have just been a limitation of me being a new user there.

Edited by Hadriel

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It comes with a bit of bloatware, a fair amount of which is removable but there's some you can't without being root and I don't see a way to get root. The original post on the ondabbs mentions using a root version of the partition backup but I didn't see any in the post.

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To have a:

4gb partition for android and 22gb for windows use this

7gb partition for android and 19 for windows use this

8gb partition for android and 18 for windows use this

10gb partition for android and 16 for windows use this

12gb partition for android and 14 for windows use this


To have JUST android, use this

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Would be possible to put android on a Sdcard instead of the Internal storage.

I don't think so. I'm pretty sure the v891w is incapable of booting from the SD card.

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The links on pan.baidu.com don't seem to work.


To have a:

4gb partition for android and 22gb for windows use this

7gb partition for android and 19 for windows use this

8gb partition for android and 18 for windows use this

10gb partition for android and 16 for windows use this

12gb partition for android and 14 for windows use this


To have JUST android, use this

Use these links for the partitions. The rest are still working for me.

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Hey guys I managed to get dualboot woring on my v1, but I have problem I cant get the front camera to work in windows the back one works fine. In device manager when I try installing drivers from the folder it find the driver and installs but it says device cannot start (code 10). It shows up as Camera OV2680 does someone have proper working drivers or can help me out. Thanks

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Managed to get the PE iso by creating a Baidu account (and using google translate :) )

Also managed to get an Android installation for the V891W

The only problem left is that the touch screen isn't working properly.

Did anyone else encounter this problem and if so, how did you solve this?

- update -

Installed the http://www.ondaforum.com/files/file/350-v891w-dualos_android-system-firmwarerar/  with a different partition.tbl

The touchscreen now works.

Android says it has 64GB of space (but not available....)

Edited by xvink

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I have a few questions

Where and how do i use those partition dividers for android and windows?

And how should i install windows to be with android after having android installed?

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I need to download the android system recovery files. 0.pmf ... 14.pmf.

But i can't find a working link.

Someone help please...

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