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Missing Android Driver?!

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hope u guys could help me.

Today i get my Onda V989 V4 and want to update the firmware.

So i installed PhoenixSuit (and later also OndaSuit) buw it wont install the Android Driver. USB Driver installation were no problem.

Android (WUDFRd) WPD (04/07/2011 5.2.5326.4762) install failed.

My Problem is, that both Suits dont recognize the tab. USB-Debugging is also activated.


Hope any1 can help me, and sorry for ma bad english :>


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Welcome to the Forums!


Pull up a chair and get comfortable because there is a lot of great information here for you to read contributed by many members. This question has been asked/answered many times in the forums. Click on the links in my signature to find your answers and have fun! ;)

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Hey Snyperr,


thx for ur reply.

Maybe im to stupid, but i found just 1 exactly same question, what wasnt be answered.

Most problems were the USB-Driver, but they arent my problem :D i tried the installation meanwhile on 3 PC´s with different OS.


I install OndaSuit, no problem and both Drivers (Android & USB) were checked, then connect the Tab (USB Debugging activated), windows try to install Drivers again ... USB Drivers get checked and Android get a "X" again.

I can open the mass storage, but no tool recognize the tab :(

Get the same problem with PhoenixSuit!


Sorry for beeing obiously stupid, but i dont get it >.<

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Win 7 32 & 64 bit and Win 8.1 64 bit... get everytime the same problem. USB Drivers work, can open the mass storage but no connection to the tools (android driver get a cross). =/

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WIN8? Disable driver signature.




i had the issue : android WUDFRD too, on win8 64 bits, 32 bits and bing version 64 bits;


and yes ! you right, i had to disable driver signature. really thank you. i didn't find someone, anywhere, who give a solution at this big issue. so i'm pretty happy to make this post after many hours to search.


i hope this will be usefull for others, who will certainly hate windows 8 more than before when they will have this error !


link to tutorial i used :



thanks, bye

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