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Housekeeping errors have deleted some topic(s)

Previous links to these topics may be inaccessible


Mostly affecting the V975m  sub-forums and V975m Custom ROM Forum

– Stane1983 forums


Hopefully,  Admin can restore to previous topic lists


Sincere apologies to Topic Creators and all affected posting members


ADDED 04/18/2015


Patience please


While performing housekeeping across the entire site .... 

This error occurred while cleaning individual member(s) off topic posts, cross posts, and inappropriate remarks.

Simple explanation:  I was not as attentive as should be.

Rather than the intended individual posts … all topics containing individual member post was removed

The error was mine.

Several topics were affected, across several forums and sub-forums.

No Topic was deliberately removed


The most affected was in the v975m device forums / sub-forums.

The v975m is the original forum device ( v975m.com ), and most remarked device.

As such the v975m forums contain the most affected topics.


I cannot speak for others ( unlike some claiming to possess that ability )

The original creators of the affected topics have proven their continuing commitment to these device(s) topics.

Like others, I must wait for either re-listing or original creators to start fresh topics.

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All affected Discussion Topics restored ... 



This request is for related housekeeping error.

If your link is working, that topic has been restored.

If link fails ... please copy and paste entire link , include it in a PM to RobV 



Thank you for your patience and your support .

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