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How to onda v820w reset BIOS?

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OTG cable not working - disabled in the BIOS, to do this, and you need to reset the BIOS. What do you need to short out?
Windows on the PC does not see the tablet, as it connects via USB, and it's disabled.
Tablet ONDA v820w 16GB
Windows 8.1 - came off and needs to be reinstalled. And in the BIOS I can not go, because the touch does not work in the BIOS. Only with the keyboard. And keyboard access is disabled by mistake. To regain access can only zeroing the BIOS. What is actually required.


How to reset the BIOS on a tablet ONDA v820w 16GB single OS?

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R u having a Bios issue or Touch issue?

If u on ur V820W u can go to BIOS by hitting at "Esc" button.

However I doubt ur touch issue is related to bios...because I has a "touch" problem for 3 week n only resolved it two days ago. I realise the touch was caused by the incompatible date between the Silead.fw and Silead.sys after I clean install a Window only Tablet (I did away with android).

If this is the issue u face I am more than willing to help u.


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Hello I'm having issues with my touch after a clean install of wins10 RS 2 on my onda v80+ SN P80PSBH7V9A00708 please any help

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      hi, any body have bios.bin file for the v820w v3? 64bit 
    • By eyco
      hi, i need the bios.bin(64bit) file for the v820w... anyone have it or know were can i get it?
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      V919 AIR CH BIOS applies only to version V1-20151223.rar
      View File V919 AIR CH BIOS applies only to version V1-20151223.rar
      V919 AIR CH BIOS (only for V1 version) -20,151,223
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      1. Only suitable for V919 AIR CH V1 version; 
      2. Fixes TF card incompatibility. 
      1, refresh bios risk, we recommend that people who have some experience operating. 
      2, download the compressed package detailed update instructions. 
      Please follow the instructions.

      Baidu : http://pan.baidu.com/s/1pK0p9rX
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      Hi i got a onda obook 20 tablet with windows 10 (i delet android) some few days ago i enter to the uefi settings and change some graphic settings and now dont start, even dont show the onda logo when i turn on just get black screen, i cant enter to the uefi, i need some help to reset the uefi settings or reinstall the system 
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      After two weeks. the Onda wouldn't start. Red light is either on or blinking. Power button only turns on the backlight. long press / with vol up/down - no change.
      Is there a physical (pinhole) reset button? I read about it in Gearbest but could not locate any.
      Any idea?
      BTW - what is the DC port for?
      Thank you!