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V971T firmware.

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I'm having problems to flash the correct firmware in Onda V971T. I just read What Version but my tablet seems and exception because my version number is in the 10th and 11th identifier.


I flashed a wrong firmware from here Onda-tablet.com, this one-> Onda V971 dual core Firmware Update: V971 dual-core v4.2.2D firmware (for V971 V1/V2/V5 version)    2013-07-19    Download

Now, the tablet shows wrong video (white screen) but I'm able to reflash again (tested).

I'm checking here (Onda.cn) and I see 2 possible downloads, both for v2:




Could someone tell me what must I flash? The 2 last links seems updates, I probably need to download a full version but what download link must I choose? 

Thanks a lot.


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Welcome to the forums 

Shared device name -  with additional model identifier " T " - using different processors is one known exception to the " what version " topic

If your model is v971T , not recommended to install other than v971T labeled / described firmware  

Different internals and CPU between the v971 ( Quad core ) and v971T ( Dual core ) devices.    

Onda.cn search result for " V971T " - http://onda.cn/Support/Search.aspx?keyword=v971t  available firmware for the v2 .





Hope this was helpful



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