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Onda v820W dual boot upgrade windows 10

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Hi all, i've an onda v820w dual boot with windows 8.1, i've update it with windows 10 but seems that touchpad doesn't want to work. i've tried several driver but nothing, do someone can send me the link to download the good one and suggest me the procedure to install it ? thanks


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      Good afternoon, I would like to ask the friends of the forum if possible send me the links of the Onda Obook 20 Plus tablet files.
      My device completely crashed Windows after the 1607 update. I could not get back to Android and the audio drive did not install, and it took a while to reboot and shut down, causing a wallpaper error.
      I await response from any member
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      I just purchased an onda v80 plus tablet version v5, windows 10 and android 5.0 operating system.
      I have met some problem.
      The screen keeps flashing and the tablet isnt responding every time I switch it on.
      The problem isnt occuring when i used an external mouse.
      I had already factory reset it for couples of time but the same problem still existing.
      any suggestion to solve it please?
    • By steve1997
      Hi all,
      I have the Onda V919CH (windows 10 only.)
      Is it possible to flash this, so I can use Android? If so, how would I go about this? I know it wouldn't be easy to do... but wanted to see
      Thank you.
    • By Artad
      Is anyone here hos has this tablet and has experience with reinstalling Windows 10 and Android on this tablet from scratch?
      I've just bought this tablet (used) and I'd like to reinstall the OSes just to clean things up.
      Previous owner said that the Android system apps had like 5 trojans/etc according to some antivirus app, so it had to be reinstalled but not with the original ROM, because when he downloaded it it had the same threats....strange...
      So any ideas are welcome here.
    • By Lukypie
      Since I didn't found any decent guide in english to properly factory reset the device I decided to make one, after a few tests I'm here to explain how to REALLY factory reset this tablet.

      Preface: I don't take responsibility for any bricked tablet, problems for following my guide
      Check your V. version of your tablet! Mine is V.3
      Requirements: You will need an OTG hub, keyboard, and a flash storage drive.

      WARNING: I wouldn't suggest you to mess with the partitions by deleting or resizing it with a thirdy party software, since I don't know if the stock firmware script doesn't like that, let me know if this method fixed your partitions to full factory state if you previously changed it! I'm curious.

      There also two separate partitions hidden from windows I found in Linux, I think they are releated to the DualOS function, just don't touch them! Don't touch/delete anything BIOS releated since you may probably brick the tablet
      Download links:
      Official ONDA ROM list: 
      http://www.onda.cn/Tablet_Supports.aspx?id=341 (The latest one are on the bottom of the page) To download faster without problems from baidu I suggest you using a good download manager, or a link exporter
      Re-Uploaded files made by me (Tested, mantained by me) : 
      W10 Processor, Chipset, Wifi/BT drivers: http://j.gs/710187/z8300-drivers-x64zip 
      Those drivers are needed if you are installing windows 10 manually, however, I won't explain how to do that since you will void your warranty and it isn't the purpose of theguide. W10 Touch drivers: http://j.gs/710187/touch-driver-v80-plus W10 July update (outdated):
      Part 1: http://j.gs/710187/w10p1jul
      Part 2: http://j.gs/710187/w10p2jul W10 Anniversary update:
      Part 1:http://j.gs/710187/win10anuppt1
      Part 2:http://j.gs/710187/winwin10anuppt2 Android: http://j.gs/710187/android-latest
      Re-Uploaded files made by others: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/MzuV/BwQAH5T7C (A bit outdated, not tested)
      Introduction: To factory reset the tablet you MUST flash Android before everything! That's because the android install will overwrite the current Windows partition. 
      Make sure your tablet is fully charged

      WARNING: Since this is a Dual OS tablet (Different from Dual Boot, check google) it has two BIOSes mode, because we're going to flash Android, we need to change the BIOS mode to Android, by simply booting it from the DualOS Menu, or by clicking the button from windows. More detailed steps to change from the bios down there.

      Android flashing: 
      USB preparation: We need to create an USB disk or a tf card with the android files you downloaded on it, and booting them from the tablet
      Download the Android zip you want to install Unzip it Plug an USB drive, you can also use a tf card with enough space Open your windows command prompt as adminstrator Type 'diskpart' Locate your USB drive by typing 'list disk' 'sel disk x' where x is the number of your drive 'clean' 'create partition primary' 'format fs=fat32 quick' Now close the prompt, and go renaiming the drive from windows explorer to "android" Now copy EVERYTHING to the disk
      Once you're done, you're ready to install android. Make sure you were on Android before shutting down, plug the otg hub to your tablet, plug your keyboard and the usb drive (or the tf card)  Power on the tablet, and press 'ESC' on your keyboard, you should have booted on the bios Go on "Boot Manager" Select your flash drive and click enter Wait, the script will restore everything, the tablet will reboot automatically
      If somewhere you got stuck at "flashing", try pressing enter from the keyboard. 
      If you got errors, you probably have problems with the storage. Now you're done! 

      Windows flashing:

      USB preparation: You will need an huge USB drive, minimum 16GB and you can't use a tf card there since windows doesn't detect them unless you have an USB adatper! We must firstly flash the win10PE_xxx_x64.iso to the usb.
      Once you downloaded the files and unzipped them, install ultraiso from the official site (or try the pirate way) but we must use the ultraiso executable included into the firmware Try to copy the executable on the UltraISO folder on C:\Program files, the program will be in chinese, don't worry about that Open the win10PE iso with Ultraiso Plug your usb drive and go there Be ready to flash the usb drive with those options Open the Windows disk management tool (You can by right clicking the windows bottom left logo and click 'Disk Management') If everything went smoothly you should be in this situation, you've created the EFI partition of the installer. Now, you just need to format the other partition (not the first one) with the label 'WINPE' and using an NTFS file system Like before, copy everything on that partition
      We're done with the usb. 

      Now like we did before, boot the disk you've just created. The installer will do everything automatically.
      Remember to change the bios into windows mode before doing that or you will get BSOD
      The installer should take place for 25-30 minutes depending on your drive.

      Now you're done. Your tablet is full factory resetted. If you are stuck on the ONDA logo, try to power down the tablet by pressing the power button for 8 seconds and booting windows from the bios

      You may need to install additional drivers by using the external keyboard and mouse
      I tried the older WIndows version and I didn't installed anything since everything was working correctly, I don't know if I did something wrong but trying the latest Windows firmware(Anniversary update), I had to install the touch drivers manually


      Changing the BIOS into Windows mode:
      If you are unable to access the Windows mode, here is another way to enable it through the BIOS.
      Press ESC when you power on the tablet Go to 'Setup Utility' Go to 'Boot configuration' GMIN: Android / Windows 8.X: Windows If you're going to install Windows, choose windows 8.X, press esc save, and reboot!
      If somewhere on the process you got stuck, press the power button for 8 seconds and re-try.

      This guide is a work in progress, help me to improve the guide!