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MediaTek? Who Are These Guys!

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I have seen plenty of 10inch and 9.6 Tablets in the UK booting with MediaTek screens. The Model versions are so many. Most of them are stating 1280x800 screens, but when you test them using Andriod Software they state the Actual resolution is 1024x600. I have sent back 3 so far because of this.

So so far I would recommend to stay clear of MediaTek tablets. There is alot of people modding these with false Hardware info.



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Mediatek is SOC manufacturer not a tablet maker. You should be avoiding whom ever made the tablet because the screen or the tablet has nothing to do with the cpu that mediatek makes. You should however avoid mediatek simply because they wont release their kernel source code as required by the android opensource licence agreement.

Your whole post makes me facepalm.

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