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ONDA V116W dual os touch screen after win10 reset not working

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I had to reset win10 on the V116W because of the stupid start/taskbar issue where the start menu stop working -_-"

Tried the powershell and second accoun "tricks" first but nothing worked so I had to reset.

The point is that now I'm not able to make the touchscreen work anymore! I've tried downloading the driver and installing them but the touch is completely crazy and the calibration is useless.

Also I noticed that windows update actually download the drivers but doesn't install them! o_O

Please if someone can help me.....

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Please, can someone give me the right touch screen drivers for this tablet? I thought of extracting them from the V116W_DualOS_V3_20150612.zip file but it's impossible to download it since is available only on that chinese hosting website and the speed is very slow.

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On 2/21/2016 at 1:05 AM, petro mol said:

and ? How did you solve it ? I have the same problem ?? tried various drivers but all not working

Hi. To fix this issue no special files are needed. Just follow these easy steps to get the touch screen and all other drivers on your onda v116w tablet to work correctly with windows 10.

1. Install Windows 8.1 and install the Dualos_win8.1_x86_Drivers_Self_Installer which you can download from the internet. Make sure everything is working correctly.

2. Install Windows 10 version 1607 and choose to keep your files and drivers.

3.Now it works! For every windows 10 update make sure you always choose to keep your settings and drivers. A clean install ofwindows 10 will cause the touch screen to malfunction.

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