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Евгений Янюк

Stane's ROMs Mirror

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Here is the folder with Stane's ROM for Onda V975m.

For now it contains:

  • version 0.9.2 (kitkat 4.4.2, usb+twrp, wifi_fix, all_lang)
  • version 1.0.0b (kitkat 4.4.2, usb+twrp, mic doesn't work)
  • version 0.9.3a1 (lollipop 5.0.2, twrp, camera doesn't work)
  • version 0.9.3a2 (lollipop 5.0.2, twrp, camera doesn't work)
  • version 0.9.3a3 (lollipop 5.0.2, twrp, camera doesn't work)
  • version 0.9.3a4 (lollipop 5.1.0, twrp, camera doesn't work)
  • version 0.9.3b1 (lollipop 5.1.1, twrp, camera doesn't work)
  • USB Burning Tool v.2.0.4
  • V975mBootableSD


MD5 Sums:

7e26e4c9cf7ebc30a20d3a59e5d46806  onda_v975m_0.9.2-usb.zip
68e3167e947aeb52d3d92af8f0900d09  onda_v975m_0.9.2.zip
16d84b06c157c9b8afab8af9623dcb4f  Onda_V975m_KitKat-1.0.0b1-usb.zip
37851f14add223c8293184f974c0dd15  Onda_V975m_KitKat-1.0.0b1.zip
858903f4334cb01f602d3f5c4e2e8bea  20150225_Onda_V975mV3_lollipop-0.9.3a1.zip
801c79a9640e05a777670c13f9663d84  20150303_Onda_V975mV3_lollipop-0.9.3a2.zip
8478ae5975bec78b662cf9b7f06ce5fe  20150303_Onda_V975mV3_lollipop-0.9.3a3.zip
e38e92246b5dfe3acb555512a7662756  20150303_Onda_V975mV3_lollipop-0.9.3a4.zip
ee30eeee78b949bc51b035bb8d5ad4aa  Onda_V975m_LP-0.9.3b1.zip

Edited by Евгений Янюк

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Yes please lp-0.9.3b1-usb.zip and something have ideas about update?

Edited by vadim671

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This has just saved my ass, since all the forum links are down... Cypher´s ROM begin do behave very destructive, erasing all my apps and radom system data until system was unusable. Installing stane´s ROM using burning tool restored the tab to 100% working order... Thank you very much!


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You are a legend! I have been looking for this for ages!


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hi all, does anyone have PhilZ recovery cause I need to root my onda and I can't find this recovery? 


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