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I have a hard failure of the battery in this unit.  

It will now only work when plugged into the wall charger.  I did purchase a battery pack online but when It arrived it was not exactly the same so I exchanged the bloated battery in my unit with one of the batteries in the new battery pack.... Still will not hold a charge.

Let me back up and state also there are two batteries in this unit connected together via a circuit board ( Which I think is the charger)  I think the real problem is in that board.  In addition to this, one of the batteries was very bloated almost to the point of cracking open the case of the unit.  I was afraid the Lithium battery might explode so I changed it out.

As mentioned by another member on this forum (Pellegon) Onda Tablet Company has very poor customer service.  I was told I would need to wait until a battery became available "On the website"...Still waiting!!!"

I purchased this unit because it has all I wanted in a Surface Pro 3 and Two full size usb ports. Wow my dream had come true at "Less than half the cost of the raved Surface Pro!"   

Well you know what they say about things that look "Too good to be true"  Now I am stuck to my power cord and a $545.00 purchase.

At this point I can only see taking the hit again for the Surface pro 3 but I hate to give up the luxury of TWO full sized usb ports and this big wide screen.

So has anyone out there found a solution to fixing this problem with the Onda V116w (Windows only tablet) ???  Maybe a source that will supply the correct battery??? Any other configuration of battery that might work on this unit???

Im open to any ideas to salvage this tablet.


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I have exactly the same problem with mine and i dont found any replament batteries for CORE M tablet.

So you will be welcome if somebody found somethink

Best regards



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