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I did not buy a piece of fruit

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I did not buy a piece of fruit

I did not expect the same “ out of the box “ ( or near such ) experience … for a fraction of the cost

I did not purchase with intention to resell at a profit.

I purchased a mid - high end design hardware assembly, while meeting my budget restraints.

v975m - 2 months after device initial release

I still love it … ( warts and all )

Battery life prior postings

Out of the box or after a fresh ROM update.

Tested only after WiDi disabled, with NO quick boot, and Chinese apps removed

No app accelerators, No Tweaks, No etc. for previous posted results.

Please keep in mind - Chinese manufacturers, design for Chinese users.

In the U.S.A. - Chinese manufacturers and technology companies have a ( pre-conceived ) reputation for assembly technologies that may violate international copyright laws, if used outside China.

The EU has commission order requiring certification of compliance prior to permitting import =

Markings on device shell and on packaging material.

ex: CE certification trade mark – “CE” logo used for example reference purpose only.

Failure to contain required markings = item is subject to immediate seizure and destruction

I researched ... before buying my v975m .... ( “ iPad knock off “ with high end design hardware )

I also researched other brands and models that I was interested with ( at that time ).

.... translators were necessary to read many sites ...

for tech specific information and limitations I rely on personal research

search topics: Amlogic - m802 - Mali 450MP – Amlogic M8 - OctaCore - Onda v975m and others

Much reading of ( many mainland China sites ) forums relating to Amlogic chips and v975m device.

Also French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and I discovered sites that Google did not translate

All my research demands I value and express gratitude for all the time and effort that so many members continue to devote, so we all may experience faster, smoother fuller functioning devices. Thank you.

Those looking for specific quick fix for games / apps I suggest start research with ( game app site ) support groups and come back and share.

Repeatedly posting same questions on multiple forums / sites leaves the appearance of un-willingness to help yourself ( or others ).

My research show Onda / v975m is not the only Chinese manufacturer device sharing similar / same specific issues using some same apps, using same or different Android version

* note if same chips / chipsets are used in other brands / models = expect same or similar issues *

I use the word “ chips “ referring to individual CPU / GPU / Device controllers

I use the term “ chipset “ to refer to multiple chips acting together to perform and complete programmer instructions.

Reminder: do not confuse hardware with additional or different “ alpha – numeric “ model identifiers

= different specs Ex: S802 differs from M802, 450MP differs from 450 ( series design spec ) etc.

Overview of Graphics / Video - Audio related issues :

AmLogic ( and other chip manufactures ) do not pay copyright per chip fee for ( making capable ) video / graphic technology. I did not expect pre-programmed functionality to perform same as copyright design technology currently being utilized in other international brand devices.

There are many posted issues with 3D / HD graphics / audio / games / cameras ... for other devices also.

Most commonly remarked is ( Non-Chinese ) games or movie players = do not play as expected or play different, when comparing with other devices.

Several games, TV viewers, video links, Apps, etc. require special instructions for Onda device ( no difference if play store purchased .).

ex: Onda stated fix for certain games, TV, Videos, etc. = use pre-installed method, Chinese Apps and complete install / update / play online game etc. using pre-installed Chinese links also following a specified instruction set..

Another common remark is video image with audio combined ( HD movie ) failure / low quality issues

ex: Onda stated fix = use ( pre-installed ) Chinese app to view movies for proper ( HD ) audio and graphics results.

I sincerely hope this may help calm some frustration levels being posted across various forums.

For those few, posting utter dismay and remarking to possibly sell their devices.

If available, please post asking price, form of payment required along with physical location - local area and country. I believe you would receive contact fairly quickly. I drove vehicle 50 miles to purchase my second v975m, picked up less than 2 hours after user post and saved 50% below total original purchase costs.

For the remaining many … Patience is a virtue.

Join in with the forums and become a part of the groups. Need help ? Read the forum posts, most questions have been already answered, before asking a question that may have been asked and answered several times. Share what worked for you, when someone ask for help. Perhaps you experience something not discussed, make a post, how would others learn / help, if issue is unknown ?

V975m.com has many members associated with many other forums - Admins, members, developers, tweaks, tinkerers, and Newbies. Many members are devoted to v975m device and continue working hard and long time to create fixes, adapt apps and develop ROM. Their hard work, devotion to succeed and willingness to share benefit all. Thank you.

When visiting any dedicated forum or topic, please remember most members are device owners. They freely share what they learn and often seek other firsthand experience within the forum or topic.

Others might be visitors interested to learn about the device or specific topic, many seek answers from actual user experience, prior to making any purchase decision.

You may also discover someone “ posing as an owner ” , offering their item for sale ( from China ).

We are a family. All families have most / least favorite member … some have an outcast or two. :D

A simple Clicking of the Thanks or Like or Dis-like button – beneath the posting is a quick consideration reflected upon the individual post, available for signed in members.

Other forums offer similar forms of acknowledgement. Some individuals / sites also accept donations.

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I totally agree with RobV.

Always remember: You get what you pay for!

The V975m is in china a 130$ device (180-200$ is the price of the international resellers - they want to make profit too).

For a lowcost gadget the V975m is an excellent piece of hardware.

Superb display, very good wlan, fast chipset and a overall good build quality.

Battery life is average but not too bad. It's o.k. for me.

And remember the M802 chipset is brand new.

A new chipset needs always some time to achieve it's full potential. Even the big brands need some time to improve.

For me my V975m is better than expected. I really like it and I recommend it.

But yes, it's not a piece of fruit.



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Brilliant write up! I'm honoured to be on your forum.

Glad you appreciate.

Thanks go to Krzysiek for this site and forums.

I am member like so many others.

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Yes thanks RobV and Krzysiek and many others on this and other forums who have helped this newbie considerably. I was not able to purchase in the price range of the big name sellers so I too did my research and believe I did very well! Despite some glitches I still love the tablet. I had 3 days of what I thought was a bricked device after trying to load new ROM, but this site and Rob V! Helped me get thru that and it has been trial and error ever since. I paid $219 USD (about $260 here in Australia) so I didn't expect the best new product out there. I think what I got though is a device that will improve with time, especially once we get some custom ROMs to really make this baby fly.

Sent from my V975m Core4 using Tapatalk

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100 % agree with rob

I started my low cost experience with thé brand FNF Ifive, but since i receive my v975m, i change my mind

I like it

My first onda experience was with my wife's onda v975 retina quad with the A31 ,another good one

Envoyé de mon V975m Core4

Edited by jarryel

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Yeah great post, and totally agree, The Onda V975M has the best SOC i have ever seen in a China tab. It does have a few software teething probs but once they are sorted it wil be a top notch tablet for an amazing price.

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Not really sure what you are talking about. AMLogic/Rockchips/Spreadtrum/Actions/AllWinnerTech/MediaTeK and others are all the official licensors of ARM Holdings.


All the games I tested such as Asphalt8/Dead Trigger2 and many other relatively heavy games worked fine out of the box on most devices with RK3066/3188/A31/M802/MTK6592 including the ONDA V975m.

Also it supported all the codecs in some aspects even better than big brand devices. For example I could not play certain H264 MPEG4 online IPTV streams on big brand devices with hardware acceleration while they worked flawlessly on the devices I tested. 

M802 is indeed very nice SoC, Though AllWinnerTech already released the true octa core A80 (A7+A15) with PowerVR Sgx6 OpenGL-ES 3.0 GPU and Rockchips already released RK3288 Quad Core Cortex A17 with Mali-T764 also OpenGL ES 3.0 support so soon the first tablets will arrive and they will exceed in performance the M802.

I guess ONDA will release the A80 tablets soon since they are one of the key partners of AllWinnerTech. 

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