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V919 Air CH - FAST GUIDE - Update to the last Windows 10 build and fix wifi/drivers

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On 4/7/2016 at 2:21 AM, nukeon said:

This is my small and fast guide to update your v919 Air CH tablet to last Windows 10 build / or change your native system language (without "dirty" regional windows options). Here are the links to download Drivers and fix Wifi connection.


UPDATE FACTORY WINDOWS 10 with your Language Windows image:

-Download MediaCreationTool.exe from Microsoft website.

-Choose Windows 10 64bit on your language. Use USB stick as media installation.

-Power On your tablet and wait until Desktop is loaded. Put your USB Stick into tablet and run Windows Setup. I recommend Custom installation, do not save Data or Apps. Continue with update... be patient.

-At the end of update you will have Windows 10 with your language.


UPDATE Missing Drivers

-Download this file and unzip: Download Here

-Go to My Computer icon, right click -> Manage

-Right button on Unknown devices -> Update driver -> Find in my computer and choose downloaded folder. Then Ok, windows find automatically the correct driver.


PATCHING WIFI (Fix no Wireless detection)

Wifi Patch --> Download here (you have to copy this file to c:\windows\system32\drivers)


Reboot tablet



NOTE: YOu can do fresh WIndows installation from USB BIOS options, but I recommend update first your factory windows to save original Windows License.

IT WORKS !!! :kiss :kiss thxx uuu

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