EDIT: 10/19/2014 re: Other Onda Device models New Devices still maintain 9th/10th identifier in Serial Number = assembly version number = V# Some devices Firmware require to refer to 9th / 10th / 11th for proper update files.  Certain device model versions may have offered 2 core or 4 core processor = Firmware is different    Current Devices - Onda " Firmware " no longer referred to as ROM  " AFO " specific file type / name  ( Onda has not disclosed AFO definition ) Firmware Naming: examples: V101w_v2_v2.0.0  = Device: v101w      assembly version v2     Firmware version _v2.0.0 V989 Core8_v1.0.0_v1-0717  = Device v989     Firmware version v1.0.0     assembly version v1     Onda actual post date  07/17/2014   Onda Windows Device(s) Device specific requirement -  BIOS being mated to Onda version " Win8.1w/Bing "  Onda Win 8.1 versions contain necessary Drivers for internal devices. Some existing Onda devices may or may not activate automatically. Activation is required for all Windows Operating Systems.  Windows Automatic updates may require re-installing Onda (updated) device drivers. General Windows Errata Topic     Windows 8.x Questions  -   http://www.eightforums.com/   and many others is an excellent Windows 8.x support forum.for those Windows related questions   ALWAYS USE PROPER DEVICE VERSION FIRMWARE, cross installation may brick the device     v975m Device
Hardware version information can be found as part of your device serial number.
Your serial number is located on the back / rear of the device, across bottom ( page view ) * Above bottom line, is printed Model  " V975M " - S/N will begin with V975M ( first 5 characters of S/N )
Also attached on the outside of the box ( printed sticker )
Note the 9th and 10th alpha / numeric in your serial number
9th is always " V ", followed by 10th is always a number
place v next to number = V1, V2, V3, currently V4
this is your reference model number
Model versions change, when internal hardware is changed or added in the device. EX: changed or added internal hardware chip(s)
EX: consider v3 = (v1/v2) + Blue Tooth - when used with mated ROM version.

Your v975m hardware device model version dictates what Onda ROM should be used.
Ex: For v1 hardware mate to v1 ROM
Exception : v2 hardware ( mostly mainland China distribution ) Mate with v1 ROM
If you decide to attempt non-mated / unmatched hardware and ROM
Please remember there are consequences to all actions. Sometimes a little, Sometimes a lot.

Experience is ( not always ) the best teacher
If your desired use is for the " softest, easiest, safest way " Skip this section.
Many owners work outside the " Official " manufacturer release version ROM
For those willing to tread where manufacturer does not actively support.
For those desiring the newest offerings and to be one of the first ...
Seek support and advice in specific topic related support forums / sites, for quickest response.
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If unknown issues surface and are not discussed, how could anyone expect a solution ?
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