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v975w Specifications

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v975w Specifications


15 July 2014

Size and Weight

242 * 171 * 8.3mm


Operating system



CPU: Intel z3735D (x86 architecture, quad-core processor)

GPU: 7th generation Intel HD Graphics


Memory (RAM): 2GB

Internal disk: 32GB

Expansion TF card memory:

Type: Micro SD (HC)

Speed: Class2/4/6/8/10

Capacity: less than 128GB

File System: FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS


Size: 9.7 inches

Resolution: 2048x1536 (4:3)

Material: Retina screen

Buttons and interface

Access key:

Touch: capacitive touch screen 10:00

Physical buttons: power button, volume button, reset button (long press the power button for 10 seconds to achieve reset)


Micro USB2.0/OTG Interface

MicroSD interface (or TF card interface)

MicroHDMI Interface (standard class D)

Standard 3.5MM headphone jack


Front: 200 million pixels

Rear: 5 megapixel autofocus


Support for gravity sensing


Lithium polymer _7800mAh / 3.7v


Supports up to 3840 * 2160 resolution video decoding.

Smooth playback of H.264, all VC-1, MPEG-2, MPEG4, XviD / DivX, Real 8 \ 9 \ 10, AVI, RM, RMVB, PMP, FLV, MP4, M4V, VOB, WMV, 3GP, MKV, etc. mainstream format.


Supported formats:


WAV 8-48KHZ @ na / MS-ADPCM/IMA-ADPCM 4bit

APE 8-48KHZ @ support level is normal or fast V3.95/3.97/3.98/3.99 compressed file

Audio Output: Built-in speakers, a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, built-in Bluetooth function, Bluetooth output


Stand by

Wireless and network

Built-in wireless wifi, 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz


Location Services

A-GPS support network positioning

Other Features

Built-in Bluetooth, support for gravity sensing, 1080P HDMI video output, OTG

Random accessories

User guide, warranty card, certificate, Micro USB data cable, Mini charger, Office activation card



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    • By pasqual
      Hello, I have issue with my Onda v975w V2.
      When I turn it on, it shows the following mesage:
      EFI shell version 2.31 [5.8]
      current running mode 1.1.2
      map:cannot find required map name.

      However I am able to boot it to BIOS or USB. When I try to install windows, it shows, that there is no any drivers (nowhere to install windows) and asks to get storage drivers and lets to choose from external memories to load drivers. I have no such drivers and I dont know where to get them. Also, I dont know if they would work, because internal memory might be dead. In the picture I can see my windows usb (disk C), another usb and memory card (disk D and E) and Boot (disk X). Does this mean that my tablet is dead (or needed hardware fixing) or this can be solved with software methods?
      Here is what I seen when trying to install windows:

    • By crpolo
      Hello, I have read a lot of post saying that the version of this tablet can be checked at the back, on the serial number.
      The thing is that I don't have that serial number at the back of the tablet. See attachment.
      How to tell what is my tablet version?

    • By allenpan
      SOLUTION [Still not a perfect fix... ONDA need to release a "trusted" or signed camera driver package!]
      [HELP] Win10 Camera SPI/I2C issue on hard reboot
      this issue apply to V1, V2 and V3,
      background, my multiple V975W has fresh install Win10 and using the win 8.1 driver pack, here is where the problem occur, once the camera driver is installed and reboot "twice" (1st reboot after driver install, 2nd reboot after SPI/I2C database update to Intel image processor 2400) upon the 3rd boot up everything works fine (Skype, Camera APP etc...)
      since the driver pack of the OV5648 is not "signed" you have in accept the warning during installation (that is fine...) i also enable the test mode (this disable driver signature enforcement), but
      - if you do shutdown and boot it back up, the camera no longer works..
      - if you update the graphic driver ("Intel Z3700 series chipset), it will also update the "Intel Image Processor 2400 ..._> this is nothing more a SPI/I2C multiplexer.... in my opinion), the camera will no longer works...
      - if you update the OV5648 driver, 1 of the camera will no longer work upon reboot (i believe is OV5648, due to there is no link in the driver inf telling the Intel Image Processor that there is additional linking...)
      will Onda release an official win10 driver for camera?? or is anyone else has solution ??? or ran in to same issue as me?
      The driver i use:
      V975w Core4-V3_Win8.1_x86_Drivers-10292014.rar -> for my V3
      V975w Core4-V1_Win8.1_x86_Drivers-10292014.rar -> for my V2
    • By RobV
      EDIT: 16 July 2014
      M80 Win_BIOS version Remarked of NO TOUCH capability, NO WiFi on v819i device
      Posters remark RETURN to Previous BIOS version
      File Size:       6MB
      Update:          2014-07-15
      1 for Windows systems Bios program.
      2 Fixed random testing equipment error problem.
      1, refresh bios risk, it is recommended for people with some experience operating.
      2, download the zip bag has detailed installation instructions. Please follow the instructions.
      3, V819i Quad-Core successfully refreshed after Bios Windows system will only install Win8.1 system does not support the Android system then put it back.
      Download Link:
      All available download files are located in the Downloads directory.
      “ Downloads “ button at the top of this page
      Available files are grouped by Device named category
      All files are listed in reverse chronological order ( newest upload file is listed first )
      Most device categories each have multiple pages of listed file names.
      Onda.cn Link:
      No explanation or reason of referencing name change
    • By RobV
      RTLWlanS_WindowsDriver_3007.3.0715.2014 BETA  
      Onda v975w  BETA  wlan drivers
      google translation:
      This should be regardless of BIOS thing, Force Shut Down (press the power button for 15-20 seconds off, during which do not touch the screen) and then try to restart. If it still does not work, I offer a new test version of wifi drive up, installing look okay. Download: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hqDtHsw  installation method: compression package to solve later, run directly inside the "setup.exe" to start the installation.
      Thanks and credit to admin_win at ondabbs forums
      Thanks and credit to strong02 for the info and links
      Re-hosted here, download link:
      All available download files are located in the Downloads directory.
      “ Downloads “ button at the top of this page
      Available files are grouped by Device named category
      All files are listed in reverse chronological order ( newest upload file is listed first )
      Most device categories each have multiple pages of listed file names.

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