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Problem with G sensor after upgrade

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Hi, I installed "ONDA_V975m_V3_v2.0.1_rozak_20140515-TWRP V3_v2.0.1_rozak_20140515" on my Onda v975m V3, to install the new version of android "KitKat".

Then I installed latest rozaks Custom ROM for V3.

I think it's really a good job (I hate chinese apps), but I have a trouble. The screen doesn't rotate just from the first intallation.

What should I do? Can you help me?

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That´s normal. It´s a bug in the ROM. No help possible. Please install the TWRP-ROM-Backup from RAZIO. Then the sensor works.

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Hi! I have Tablet version V4 and have the problem of screen rotation after updating to official KitKat ROM. Then I just rooted th tablet and runned Antutu. After that the automatic rotation of the screen stopped working.

Could anyboady help?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I had the same problem and the only solution that I found is restore the tablet with a recovery of the original firmware, that you can find here:

To do that you need an sd card formatted for TWRP. You can find TWRP here: http://www.ondaforum.com/files/category/3-custom-v975m-rom/

Those files are for the V4 version, so ensure before begin this work.

After that you should have your tablet as new, with chinese language and applications installed.

You need only to set up the language in the options menu (that is in chinese too) and uninstall chinese apps with an app such as "Titanium Backup".

You need root rights of course.

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