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Onda v919 tablet wifi not working

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I recently bought an OndaOnda v919 Air dual OS tablet.

after 2 weeks the wifi stopped working.  In android, it won't turn on. in Windows 10, it says there are no drivers for my network adapter.  It suggests you download them.

Since it is not working in either mode I have two thoughts about the problem

1) wifi adapter is bad

2) there is some magic switch that turns off wifi in the hardware I have accidentally flipped.


does anyone have a solution for this problem.

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I am doubtful that it will work, but I am willing to try anything at this point.

the Windows device manger does not fit the hardware.

the android side does not work either.  

I am suspicious that this is a hardware issue.

is there a way to factory reset this device?  I have tried a few tricks with no luck.

any additional suggestions?

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I downloaded the drivers, placed them on a SD card to run.   Found out the SD slot does not work either.

so the wifi don't work on either Windows or android, the SD slot don't work on Windows or android.  This thing is pretty close to a paper weight.

I did take a USB WIFI adapter, connect it to the port and copy the drivers over.  It works that way.  

Anyone have some suggestions to try?

it is frustrating to have had it for two weeks and it quit.  

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