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Onda V919 Air lose WiFi Signal after Update to Windows 10 Anniversary

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After update to Windows 10 Anniversary the WiFi signal of the Tablet lose.

The driver are up to date, the bluetooh works, but no can found the WiFi.

Any ideas of how to fix the issue.

Thank you 



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Same here. Had to roll back to the previous version. I found the original WiFi drivers on this site but installing them makes no difference. The problem seems to be that the tablet doesn't 'see' any WiFi connections but the drivers report that the hardware is working just fine. Also the sound driver is hosed with this update too. Its a real shame as performance seems a lot better with the Anniversary Update too. I'm also on a v919 CH

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I had to reset my onda v919 air ch version 1 yesterday. I now have the same problem. Everything barring the konix g-sensor drivers went back on perfectly, but for some reason, the broadcom wifi hardware isn't showing any wifi signal, even though device manager reports that all is working well (bluetooth is working correctly). I'm assuming it may be something in the network adaptors settings that has it set for China or something so it's scanning the wrong frequencies for this country (UK) but I haven't sussed it yet. If I ever do, I'll post back here. At the moment i'm using a network to usb adapter, but it's not very convenient, especially when I need to charge the device aswell.

Has anyone found a solution?


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If you still have a problem with Bluetooth driver, need to reinstall Broadcom UART Drivers as shown following topics.  You need to install the drivers with Windows 10 Test Signing mode otherwise you'll fail it.  


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On ‎25‎/‎09‎/‎2016 at 7:37 PM, jason0999 said:

Thanks so much for posting this. Not only did it restore my WiFi but it improved the range! I couldn't leave the room my router is in on the old driver, this new Broadcom is amazing!

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I have anniversary working perfectly. I installed the new Broadcom driver and then used the drivers on techtablets.com to restore sound and Bluetooth.

Btw, turning off equalizer in the soundcard driver settings improves the sound quality slightly, less tinny and less hollow but still not loud. Better.

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