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Hi all, i have a Onda V919 CH and I cannot get the microSD working stable... I read many threads regarding Windows 10 drivers, different sd brand, Intel chipset bugs, ddr25 vs ddr50, class 10 vs class 4... i would share my experience with this model to know if someone experienced the same problems (seems very common, but i don't know if it's exactly this Onda model/chipset), and found some solution.

I bought the tablet with a Samsung evo+ 64 gb class 10,  which worked randomly for some day under win10 and android.. later it didn't work anymore in win ( i tought due to win update) appearing in device manager with red cross and malfunctioning device.. I tought it was working in android but now i know that it was the cause of frequent random reboots. I tried to update drivers and also older driver under win, and tried different bios settings, without success. I performed system reset and rom reflash without success as well.

In the meantime i bought and tried different microSD... Sandisk 32 class 6, kingston 8 class 4, Samsung evo + ( the Red One) 32 class 10, Samsung evo ( the Orange One)16 and 64gb... Tried to format in any mode: ntfs, exfat, fat32, from PC, Windows, minitool partition wizard and so on.... Some card are not recognized at all. Samsung evo + does not recognize but when removed something blinks for a fraction of second on the android  Memory device tool so it seems to be at least seen in some manner.... The more compatible seems the Samsung evo class 10 ( the Orange One) which are at least under Android often recognized but furthermore cause random reboots especially when the tablet goes in block mode.. ( i leave it for some hour and later i find it rebooted), which does not happens without any sd card. Or it randomly disconnects saying unrecognized format for the sd.... Under win10 none of them works.... 


Did you face similar problems with this tablet?? I read many on forums: some advises Transcend cards, some other Kingston, some other Gskill.... Did you managed to get a stable solution? Should I buy a particular card? Some bios setting? Bios update (i read also regarding some bugs of the intel chipset regarding microSD and bios workaround..) . Or is definitely my tablet or sd Reader? In case do you know if is possibile to substitute it?

Thanks for attention.

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No-one with similar problem?

In the meantime I tried also Transcend 300x and 400x class 10... similar behaviour to Samsung Evo orange: not recognized almost always, it says unsupported filesystem (it is already fat32 formatted, not exFat), I format in Android, then the same thing. It only blinks when disconnected, very seldom the 300x happened to work VERY slowly for some hour, then it disconnected suddenly ad/or I found the tablet turned off.

Please someone could advise some card that should work with this model? Which card are you using in yours?


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It is really a pity since the tablet is very good for the price. I read that also HP tablet PC with same chipset have similar problems... otherwise other Onda users seems not to have any problem with cards, which is increasingly strange, and making me think that perhaps it's not a chipset bug, but could be a connector/slot issue: i'm thinking to replace the slot... hoping to fix.

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