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Hi everyone - does anyone know if there's a custom recovery available for the OBook 10 SE? Anything like TWRP or CWM? If not, is there any other way to backup my tablet before trying to re-flash Remix OS 2.0 from Jide?

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i have twrp on obook 20.. can pass that. or my backup look like twrp for onda v919 air ch

if you wanna try that.. but as you know.. i wont be responsible for mess up your tablet..

send me PM if you interest

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On 7/20/2017 at 6:13 AM, Ivansu said:


I have the V919 but don't seem to get it right in flashing to the obook10 system. How do I go about it? 


As far as I know the boot.img need to be compiled to let it boot in TWRP

unfortunately the process is baidu and lot of  hours research and translating.

if you wish to experiment at your own risk, you can flash the boot.img from my drive. but it is for obook20plus


and if you really wanna try that get a full android for your obook first before you start experiment in case something will go wrong. 

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    • By diegogyn
      First the Original ROM can be found at: http://www.onda.cn/Tablet_Supports.aspx?id=344 To download use JDownloader 2, copy the link and past on it that will work  
      There are 3 ROMs But attention the first one just works on the ONDA 80 SE V1 (You can check at the back bottom of the tablet)  
      What I've discovered so far is this tablet has a kind of UEFI BIOS, that means for you can enter on configuration to reset you will need an OTG Cable and conecta a keyboard on it. So I´m trying to discovery more about how to put another room on it, there is some tips on the files at the site but i´m not very sure how to do it. I just trying to do this because my battery status is really messy, I try to use root but to fix but it did not worked.  
      If anyone knows anything please let me know, I will continue researching and updating this topic.
    • By dimadi
       See this old post maybe you'll find some useful infos (steps and video tutorials).
      Here you have original Android and Windows firmwares, win 10 drivers, and an image of debloated Android ( data partition has only 6 GB so can be used for  32GB eMMC version), created with Macrium Reflect(see Note to boot from Rescue_onda USB).
      Video tutorials:
         1. Preparation of USB sticks for Android and Windows.
         2. Backup of entire eMMC.
         3. Edit partition table.
         4. Debloat Android(remove chinese apps).
         5. Restore Android and Windows after repartition without losing data  
    • By dimadi
      This is my experience with Onda V919 Air Dual OS V8 and maybe some of you will find useful info.
      I don't use too much Android so I decided to increase space for Windows without losing Windows.

      A. Sofware and hardware:
          V919AIR Black Gold Edition 64GB dual system firmware 20151014_V1.0.1_V7 Andrews
          V919 AIR dual system Black Gold Edition Windows 10 TH2 system image -20151119.part1-3
          Android Flashing PARTITION TABLES
          Macrium Reflect Free
          Minitool Partition Wizzard
          Paragon ExtFS for Windows
          USB OTG HUB
          Wireless keyboard and mouse combo
          2 USB sticks 8GB
          32 GB SDcard
          USB to Ethernet adapter - I saved backups on NAS
      B. Steps:
          a. Initial "factory state" eMMC backup with Macrium Reflect. ( video C.2)
             Also I prepared a  bootable USB for recovery and I verified if it is bootable. 
          b. Prepared USB stick with Android firmware. (video C1)
          c. Edited partition.tbl and transferred to Android USB. Cache from 1GB to 256MB, System from 1.5GB to 1GB and data from 16.5GB to 6 GB. (video C3)
          d. Removed chinese apps from Android system partition.(video C4)
          e. Installed Google Play.apk and customized Android and Windows.
          f.  Another backup with Macrium.
          g. Installed Android modified with new partition.tbl  (see note)
          h. Restored, from the second backup( f ) : EFI, cache, system and data partitions for Android and 128 MB reserved partition, Windows(drive C) and Images partitions for Windows. I replaced partitions according their index number in ascending order. (video C5)
          i. Moved Images partition to the end of unallocated space and extended Windows(drive C) partition to include entire unallocated space. (video C5)
          j. Final backup.
      Note: at this stage there is only Android partitions, the rest being unallocated space.  To boot from Macrium Reflect USB I had to use "Power and Volume +" procedure in order to access the boot selection menu and switch to Windows. If the USB stick is not recognized the menu will show only Android logo.
        Now my tablet has 5,8GB for Android data and 49GB for C:/ Windows.
        In the same way, editing data partition in partition.tbl ( for example instead of 10000 MB, 20000 MB), could be extended the space allocated for Android.
        During restaurations, dragging Windows partitions in unallocated space will give you opportunity to modify accordingly Windows and Image partitions to fill remaining space, using Minitool Partition Wizzard.
      C. How I did (Video tutorials):       
         1. Preparation of USB sticks for Android and Windows.
         2. Backup of entire eMMC.
         3. Edit partition table.
         4. Debloat Android(remove chinese apps).
         5. Restore Android and Windows after repartition without losing personalizations/data  
         All steps were recorded on Virtualbox machine using an backup image of eMMC but before that were applied on my tablet.
         In the last video I messed backup images using one with the data partition and system partition already having 256MB respectively 1GB but the remaining 500MB were not allocated. Ignore unallocated space.
    • By nicolaslienart
      Hi everyone,
      I have Onda V919 air Dual OS but it's stuck in bootloop. I've tried to fix it by flashing the firmware but I'm unable to do so.
      Maybe I don't have the correct firmware, I took it from XDA because I can't find it in download section of this forum.
      Check attached files to see a picture of the back of my tablet and the error I'm getting when flashing.
      Thank you for your help,

    • By jambbo
      Is there any Onda air v989 v5 firmware to download? I didn' find any.;(

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