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Andreas Hadji

Onda air v989 latest os for non Chinese use

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Did you ever get it working properly. I finally pulled this tablet out of storage again and it is really frustrating. Many rom links are dead, others require a baidu account which I'm unable to access from australia (doesn't except my phone number for security code). I don't mind using it just for a second screen or photo frame, but it is really slow and crashing.

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    • By stratmam
      I m having issues with my tablet (ONDA V989 Air)...On May 28th i experienced this issue for the first time and since then my tablet is like a brick....Here is my problem... I logged into a game that i play (castle clash) on May 28th and as i was playing a message appeared "Google play services has stopped working and forced the game to close ...After 20-30 seconds the tablet freezes and the only way to recover is to force shutdown (press power button for 5 secs ) but again when the tablet reboots after some secs it freezes again ... I did a factory reset to the tablet and since then when i try to enter my google account sometimes i got fail  to sign in and sometimes i manage to sign in but when google play and play services are getting updated the tablet freezes again....I believe it is  not a rom issue as i have the official rom in the tablet and have been using it for 3+ years and everything was working good.... This problem occurred last week and i don't know what is causing it..
      Model No :  V989 Air Core8
      F/w version : v2.0.1_v5
      Build No : octopus_chip-eng 4.4.4 KTU84Q 20160118 test-keys
    • By Dalo
      Hi all,
      Hoping to get a little bit of help here.  I bought my 16 gig, Onda V989 Air v3 about a month ago now and I've barely been able to use it.  
      1) The internal memory is separated into two partitions one of them being only 1.7 gigs.  All my apps seem to be being downloaded to this partition instead of the bigger one, and as a result I have close to 10 gigs of space remaining in my total internal memory but I can't download any more apps.  Does anyone know how to fix this?
      2) I bought the tablet with the expection that I would be able to upgrade to Lollipop immediately.  After a great deal of searching I still can't find any update to Lollipop for this device.  Is there one available? If not, what's the best ROM / custom ROM and where do I find it?
      3) I tried contacting Onda to either get a replacement (as I thought the memory partition issue was defect) or return the device and I couldn't get through.  They would take a day to respond to each email and would give me the run around, repeating themselves over and over again (delete unused apps).  Is there a better way of contacting these people, or do they really just not give a f*ck?
    • By Playa
      Hello dear V1 tablet owners!
      I just made a custom ROM based on 1.0.6 V1 with stock Android UI (took from 1.0.1 V3)
      My zip is based on @adrpat zip.
      It basically deletes bloatware and replaces ugly UI with stock made by Google.
      Here are some screenshots for you

      1)Install stock 1.0.6 ROM
      2)Reboot to recovery
      3)Install v989-update-signed.zip
      4)Wipe data/cache

    • By bulldog
      This is the first time I have tried to access a few answers.
      Firstly, what is the latest version of ONDAROM? mine states 2015. do i need to do anything to update it?
      Secondly, I have no idea what people mean when they say flash the rom, root the tablet, and brush the tablet. Please explain in laymans terms.
      Finally, can I upgrade to Android 5? and if I can, please explain again in laymans terms how to go about this.
      Many thanks for all and any help as I'm a dinosaur and need hand holding to make the best of this tablet.
    • By RobV
      V989 Air Eight Core Firmware Installation Tutorial 20150403.pdf
      View File V989 Air Eight Core Firmware Installation Tutorial 20150403.pdf
      Google English translation
      Submitter RobV Submitted 09/15/15 Category Custom v989 Firmware Rom