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Problem installing windows 10

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Hi, everyone. 

I have this problem with my tablet, i cant install windows 10 anymore.
first of all, before i have installed windows 10 (its not the first time that i install windows 10 in this tablet) in my tablet, but during the instalation of the drivers, windows stop working, so i had to reboot the system, the problem was the system didn't start, the screen shows letters and things that i have never seen. i decided to reinstall windows, but in the end of the instalations shows me a message with an error "windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation" and the instalation is canceled. 

i dont know where the problem is 




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i have same problem i ting s the drivers problem,not reconose the hard driver or eMMC if you have this driver please tell me I needtem


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