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Whether you're looking for engineering Electronics and Gadgets, Latest Android Phones, Tablets, ultra-books, mini PCs, RC drones, Arduino, RC toys, or more, Gearbest Mechanics' guide tips have you covered. Here’s what we’d actually guide TOP 10 list for our loved ones—or ourselves. Here we check!




# Top1. Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Watches for Android iOS #  


URL: http://www.gearbest.com/smart-watches/pp_362705.html


In Flash Sale: 20.89$




Mi Band 2 is a smart watch bracelet for you, especially for sports lovers! When you wear the bracelet to do exercise, all these data can be synchronized and analyzed on your mobile phone. When you sleep, it will monitor your sleep. Further, it can also wake you up by vibrating gently. Mi Band 2 record every moment staying with you. Just to live a healthy life with it!


# Top2. OnePlus 3T 4G Phablet #


URL: http://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_592336.html


In Flash Sale: 439.99$


Coupon code: 3gbOneru Coupon Price: 429.99$




The OnePlus 3T features 6GB RAM 64GB ROM 5.5-inch Super AMOLED with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, 401 ppi, Corning Gorilla Glass 4, 0.755mm Bezel. There is a darker grey soft gold color options. You can choose between the default vivid color mode and sRGB mode. The OnePlus 3T features a battery of the same size as the OnePlus 3, but with bigger capacity: 3,400mAh on it.


# Top3. Xiaomi Air 13 Laptop #


URL: http://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_421980.html


Coupon code: XAir13    Coupon Price: 709.99$




Windows 10 13.3 inch IPS Screen Intel Core i5-6200u Dual Core 2.3GHz 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Front AKG Spealer Camera Bluetooth 4.1 HDMI. With a vivid screen and adaptive display technology, this laptop brings your photos and videos to life. It comes with high performance dedicated graphics card with dual SSD expansion. It also has a full-sized keyboard with backlit keys, all the ports you need. Customized AKG speaker with Dolby Audio Premium Surround Sound allows you enjoying music, movies and games better.


# Top4. Anet A8 Desktop 3D Printer Prusa i3 DIY Kit #


URL: http://www.gearbest.com/3d-printers-3d-printer-kits/pp_337314.html


In Flash Sale: 165.99$


Coupon code: GBAP    Coupon Price: 159.99$




Features include a heated print bed with a print volume of 220 x 220 x 240 mm. An LCD monitor offers a comfortable interface. The user has the option to print via USB or MicroSD card. Made from piano-black laser-cut acrylic frame. the Anet A8 is a DIY Prusa i3 Desktop 3D printer, provide you an unforgettable step-by-step learning experience of 3D printer from scratch. Suitable for a wide range of customers, young or old, professional or amateur.


# Top5. Original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum #


URL: http://www.gearbest.com/robot-vacuum/pp_440546.html


In Flash Sale: 345.99$


Coupon code: GB3RDMIRIT   Coupon Price: 337.99$




The Mi Robot Vacuum is a highly intelligent home cleaning device with 12 different sensors. The Laser Distance Sensor ( LDS ) scans its surroundings 360 degree, 1800 times per second, to map out the interiors of your house. The three processors track its movements in real-time, and the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping ( SLAM ) algorithm calculates the most efficient route for cleaning. Get the Mi Robot Vacuum and dirt will not stand a chance.


#Top6. Original YI II International Version WiFi 4K Action Camera#


URL: http://www.gearbest.com/action-cameras/pp_360137.html


In Flash Sale: 199.99$




Brand YI II Action Camera is the product officially cooperate with Xiaoyi. It features a IMX377 sensor Adopts Ambarella A9SE75 chipset latest version which come to be faster and lower power consumption. It allows to shoot 4K video and 12MP photo! Perfect for people who loves sports and wants to record the wonderful moment! You can take photos and shoot videos with it when you are surfing, parachuting, doing parkour, etc.


# Top7. Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW E27 Smart LED Bulb #


URL: http://www.gearbest.com/smart-lighting/pp_361555.html


In Flash Sale: 16.88$


Coupon code: RGBYET   Coupon Price: 15.99$





Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW E27 Smart LED Bulb is a great addition to Xiaomi Yeelight Series which enhance the lighting experience of your daily life. It features 16 million colors RGB light and 1700-6500K adjustable white light. You can control your light from your bedroom to your backyard by WiFi. What's more, it is has a ultra long lifetime of up to 11 years. Therefore, you don't even have to think about replacing a bulb!


# Top8. Original Xiaomi Mi Android TV Box Quad-core Cortex-A53 #


URL: http://www.gearbest.com/tv-box-mini-pc/pp_426056.html


In Flash Sale: 74.99$


Coupon code: GBMIBOX3  Coupon Price: 69.99$ (EU Plug)




This 4K Android TV box supports Bluetooth voice remote control. You can catch your favorite TV shows, play games, watch news or switch to radio. Mi box also supports Google Cast. It runs on the latest Android TV 6.0 with high performance of Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU. HDR 4K H.265 VP9 Profile-2 4K Decoding provide you with a scene in vivid contrast, color and clarity. And HDMI 2.0 is a faster way to send video and audio output to your TV. Mi box also supports both Dolby and DTS encodings which have access to smooth and surround sound.


# Top9. JJRC H37 ELFIE Foldable Mini RC Selfie Drone #


URL: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_568643.html


In Flash Sale: 34.99$




100m control distance offers you the awesome bird's-eye view. In Headless Mode mode, the drone flies to any direction you want even though you do not know its orientation. It is capable of carrying out 360-degree rotations with amazing agility. As to G-sensor mode, the drone enables the quadcopter to follow directions where you move your smartphone.


# Top10. Xiaomi Smart 1080P WiFi IP Camera Official Version #


URL: http://www.gearbest.com/ip-cameras/pp_607361.html


In Flash Sale: 26.99$


Coupon code: scontiamolo1   Coupon Price: 23.89$




This IP camera features a mini size and it is portable, so you can install it at anywhere. After connect the camera with your "Mi Home" App, you can freely use it. Original Xiaomi smart 1080P IP camera for home security, express with clear images and more details with F2.0 aperture, 110 degree super wide angle FOV IR-cut. It supports day and night auto switch and supports night vision range up to 9m so that you have a clear view even in darkness.

With motion and sound detection function, it send you alarms when smoke and CO are triggered. With Two-way audio function, you can talk to your family when you are not at home.


#Special Coupon for DJI Mavic Pro Mini RC Quadcopter  -  MAVIC PRO COMBO  GRAY

URL: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_483950.html

coupon:MavicPro   coupon price :$1299(other saler price is $1399)


As big as a bottle of water when folded, the Mavic Pro is the most portable, powerful and sophisticated UAV in DJI's portfolio. 
It boasts 7km wide video transmission system, the smallest 3-axis stabilization gimbal, the no-compromise 4K UHD camera. It can reach the speed of 18 m/s and even fly up to 27 minutes. Additionally, the redundancy of the sensor provides you with twice safer flight.



With these gadgets and must-haves in our hottest top 10 list, you must find some awesome gears actually in your past wish-list, right? Actually, we prepared those top gadget gift picks for all kinds, man and women, olds and kids, also in every price range. Let’s Celebrate Gearbest 3rd anniversary Birthday with a better future, hope you can bring home some long-promised tech leaps. Keep eyes on us and expect next top-list as well.


Top sale video,pls feel free to check here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSmAkulQxE8

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4. Choose the product you want to redeem.

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More info VS FAQ: http://www.gearbest.com/promotion-add-on-item-guide-special-1209.html


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Meanwhile, only 3.33$, you can take it away: 3m x 3m LED Curtain Light String. 50pcs limited for Add-Ons promo, over 50pcs, then our price concessions will be canceled to restore the original price 13.65$. URL: http://www.gearbest.com/led-strips/pp_235929.html?wid=21




Flash Sales Report of 03.16

# NO.1  DJI Mavic Pro Mini RC Quadcopter #

URL: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_483950.html?wid=21

Coupon code: MavicPro     Coupon Price: $1299


The drone only weighs 743g and has the same size as a bottle of water when folded. Mavic Pro is the most portable, powerful and sophisticated UAV in DJI's portfolio. It boasts 7km wide video transmission system with the smallest 3-axis stabilization gimbals and no-compromise 4K UHD camera. It can reach the speed of 18 m/s and even fly up to 27 minutes. Additionally, armed with 4 vision cameras, it can detect obstacles 15m in front and avoid them while flying as quickly as 36kph ( 22 mph ).The redundancy of the sensor provides you with twice safer flight.


# NO.2  ILIFE V7S Pro Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner #

URL: http://www.gearbest.com/robot-vacuum/pp_603425.html?wid=21

Coupon code: Home8OFF Coupon Price: 180.31$

With new upgrade version of the water tank, it is equipped with the pump to control drip, the machine will be even dripping while running. Also, the software is upgraded, and algorithm is optimized to improve the recharge rate, while adding new function as mopping reservation.  When using dust storage tank box, it becomes a sweeper, when using water storage tank box, it becomes a mop. Enable this cleaner working in the narrow space, it is possible to clean the bottom of furniture and corners. Furthermore, It can better protect the furniture with Professional anti-collision system. When the power is about to run out, the sweeper will go back to the charging base.



# NO.3  PIMAX 4K UHD Virtual Reality 3D PC Headset #

URL: http://www.gearbest.com/pc-headset/pp_423476.html?wid=21

In Flash Sale: $299.00

It is the first VR headset providing a 4K UHD image at a stunning resolution of 3840x2160P and 8.29 million pixels as the name suggests. It supports Virtual 5.1 Sound Stage for immerse sound experience, and built-in microphone for communicate with others in the game.


# NO.4  Ceramic Bearing Gyro Focus Toy for Killing Time #

URL: http://www.gearbest.com/novelty-toys/pp_606385.html?wid=21

Coupon code: TOY15OFF    Coupon Price: 3.09$


The Gyro is easy to carry, you can play with it anytime as you like. It is an unique gift for your friends and perfect ornaments for your parties, such as costume party, birthday party, Fools Day, etc. There is not a bad choice for kids as well, anyone can play with it to relieve stress and anxiety just hold the spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly.


# NO.5  Original Xiaomi Mi R1D AC WiFi Router English Version # -- In Flash Sale: 89.99$

URL: http://www.gearbest.com/networking-communication/pp_152929.html?wid=11

MI wireless router, features a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor, 256MB of RAM, Ethernet, WiFi, NFC and a USB2.0 port. It supports a speed of up to 1167Mbps like its mini version. A cross between an 802.11ac WiFi router and a network-attached storage device. However, it comes with a 1TB hard disk to let you store files, enough capacity to download 1000 HD movies, store 40,000 songs or keep 100,000 RAW format photos. This wireless router supports dual-band WiFi 802.11ac and comes with its own 1TB hard drive.



Keep your eyes on the latest cool tech promo-list, let us seek for next top must-have gadgets. Crave some bargains and want to save BIG? Just hit up all our bargains: enjoy our coupons, Add-ons and rock Gearbest Party storm.

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