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icaro mcbrain

Help me! Onda_stylus writes before touching the screen.

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    • By Vagobr
      Good afternoon, I would like to ask the friends of the forum if possible send me the links of the Onda Obook 20 Plus tablet files.
      My device completely crashed Windows after the 1607 update. I could not get back to Android and the audio drive did not install, and it took a while to reboot and shut down, causing a wallpaper error.
      I await response from any member
    • By D!@bl0
      hello guys.. I've been bit disappointed that my single boot android have just 8gb of space and two of the eight have been take by the system. I decide to go and change the android_data partition. create 64bit GPARTED live usb. Gparted will boot successfully if you choose the option to upload the live usb and run from ram.
      After all boot I have been able see all the partition on my obook 20. The target was android_data where are stored all the apk and personal data...
      extend the android_data partition i had to delete another partition which i was hope to create after... with picture taken before mess up with the partition I manage to get same size and location for the partition. so i hit apply.. first two changes have been successful but the next one fail and corrupt all partition on the drive.  after I wanna create all partition as on the picture, but then i find the picture with detailed size of partitons is missing.. 
      1... USB with at least 4gb.. 8gb recommended, Gparted , and some program to create live usb like a unetbootin or similiar.
      2... someone who can boot gparted live usb and report or take picture of the partitions and size of them.
      3... someone who can boot gparted and make backup of android_bootloader and upload somewhere for me...
      once I get android bootloader back in my device I will be able to install android again...
      You don't need to worry about corrupt or brick your device if you don't mess up or delete your partition..
      Because i dont have android bootloader and is not easy or almost impossible to download it from internet, I'll keep mess up with the obook, install ubuntu or another os which can be booted from usb..
    • By Clydesdale
      Hello there folks
      I tweaked the VBIOS setting within the bios. I was wondering if another kind soul could please give me the keypresses required to blindly toggle the VBIOS setting ?
      Unfortunately the screen is off due to the toggle of the VBIOS setting, though I assume that I am still able to get into the BIOS. I would need to know what keys to press to enable the VBIOS again.
      Assuming I can get to the BIOS main page, If anyone could let me know something along the lines of (e.g. enter, down, down, enter, right, enter, F10, enter) it would be appreciated.
      Any help would be greatfully received !!
      Thank you