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    • By Alaa
      I can't swich android to windows in onda v80 plus 
      Help meeeee!!
    • By Alaa
      Please, i need a dual os rom(android and windows ) for onda v80 plus
      Or a method to install windows 10 and android 5.1 in onda v80 plus
       Big thanks!!!
    • By ConsTamb
      Hi, friends! As a lot of those who made factory Windows reset, I was upset that the touch screen ceased to work after that. All my Internet search efforts failed, because no one found driver didn't correspond to my Onda. I tried to look for it at official site, but for my sorrow firstly it hasn't English version and secondly all links sent me to Baidu downloader that is also is intended for Chinese users and requires necessary registration. In despair I repeated factory reset once again in hope that there was any errors during process, but result was negative as well.
      And at last I found the Cloud link, which contains not only Silead Touch driver but a lot of Onda V80 Plus Software for Windows and Android in free access:
      I liked that touch screen driver installation may be done by batch file, that prevents from probable mistakes. So I put this small but very important archive to Dropbox. Here is the link, if somebody need it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8868ka4eukz87cc/V80PLUS_SileadTouch.zip?dl=0 .
      Thus problem was solved from the first time!
      Some Chinese text in firmware filenames does not hinder understanding, because the needed assigns of version are seen.
      PS. I've been very disappointed that Onda manufacturer doesn't execute obligation for users support and presets software to his device not completely corresponding to the used equipment. As for me I had to spend whole week for solution of this problem.
    • By mikasand
      I have questions about my new Onda V80, it is not the SE model, it is not the Plus model.
      It is a rather new model, just called V80. And it is shipped with Android 7.0.
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