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When Kitkat update?

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Hi guys, the matter is...when will be release kitkat 4.4.2 update for Onda V819i?


The last update was from July...I hope that this update exist...

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You're right.  Since everyone's been going nuts over Winblows for our tablet, it seems they stopped making good Android releases.  The version I use is 1.0.3-0619 rooted, which is way better than 1.0.6.  And don't try to spice things up by putting on the Xposed framework!   I tried it last night and it soft bricked it.  I had Titanium backups of everything, as there isn't a recovery mod available either.  The stock recovery sucks.  And since my W7 PC doesn't recognize my tablet, it made it even more difficult having to use a memory card to get things started.

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    • By sayamh9
      This post will show you how to root android v4.4.4(Kitkat) on a Onda v919 Dual OS 32/64GB.
      It will be done by creating a Tethered Temporary CWM / TWRP Recovery Session and the install super user access with this Temporary CWM. 
      There will be 6 steps 
      1) First download and install drivers for Onda V9191:
      a) Intel USB Driver for Android* Devices
      b.)  ADB drivers
      2) Enable Developer mode and enable USB debugging on your Onda Tablet
      3) Download required files and extract.
      a) Intel Fastboot Tethered Temporary Recovery Session Launcher
      b.) Super SU zip 
      4) Move SU zip, un-extracted, to root directory of your tablets storage
      5) Connect your Onda Tablet. Make sure device is recognized and all drivers install correctly. Check the device manager to make sure there are no errors. 
      6) Follow the below steps for Tethered Temporary CWM / TWRP Recovery Session
      Tethered Temporary CWM / TWRP Recovery Session :
      Note : This is a Temporary CWM / TWRP Recovery Session for some Intel Devices with locked bootloaders.
      This recovery is not installed to the devices and has to be launched from a computer ( tethered ) each time you need to access the CWM / TWRP Recovery. . .

      WARNING : This Temporary CWM / TWRP Recovery Session is for some Intel Devices with locked boot loaders.
      It is not intended for installing custom roms as if the devices has a locked bootloader the device will fail to boot the unsigned images
      Intel Fastboot Tethered Temporary Recovery Session Launcher download :  Intel Fastboot Tethered Temporary Recovery Session Launcher
      Notes : 
      Make sure you have downloaded and installed the adb / fastboot drivers for your device . . .
      Make sure you have enabled developer options / adb debugging under settings on your device . . .

      Make sure you have download the latest : Super SU zip and place it, un-extracted, on your internal or external sd card. Somewhere you can access it easily when the CWM session loads.

      1 : Download and extract  Intel Fastboot Tethered Temporary Recovery Session Launcher some where on your computer.
      2 : Double click the launcher.bat file to start , type " ACCEPT " case sensitive without quotes to continue

      Check that the tool is reporting as either :

      If " DEVICE STATUS: UNKNOWN " please check your cable connection and driver installation under Windows Device Manager
      If " DEVICE STATUS: UNAUTHORIZED " please check if your devices is displaying an authorization prompt be sure to check Always allow from this computer and then press ok

      3 : Select the trigger T3 to launch the Temporary CWM Recovery Session support for your Onda V919 
      4 : After selecting the trigger your device should reboot in to fastboot and begin to copy files to your device  
      Note : if your device hangs at the waiting-for-device screen and you see tablet boot CMD Waiting on your devices double check that the fastboot driver installed correctly.
      Note : if you see unknown OEM command the trigger isn't supported by your device.

      5 : The temporary cwm recovery session should be started at this point select install zip from the recovery menu using vol up / vol down to navigate and power to select, or you can use a mouse with an OTG cable.
      6 : Select install zip from sdcard / external_sd depending on where you placed the file and select the Super SU zip you downloaded earlier
      7 : Confirm the installation
      8 : After install completes reboot your device 
      9: Use Check Root app to check if your device has been successfully rooted
      Note : Some devices have limited space under /system and the super SU app wont install if you don't see the super SU app on your device attempt to install it from the Google Play Store more than likely the SU binary installed correctly but there want enough room on the device for the app.
    • By djmaxmalta
      has any one managed to get kitkat at least on this onda model? or maybe windows 8?
    • By cityfun
      I just received my unit a couple of days ago, proceeded to install the latest BIOS and Android firmware with no issues.  The tablet is surprisingly well built and the OS switching is flawless so far.
      Been searching the internet for information on how to root the Kitkat install, so far have turned up nothing, does anyone here knows how to do it?
      Thanks everyone for the various tips.
      SOLVED - Found the following instructions on XDA.
      Choose T3 as the root method, works like a charm, make sure you have the drivers installed (from Kitkat firmware update package downloaded from the Firmware section)
      UPDATE #1: Root is holding up well, do not install Xposed Framework, it will freeze the boot process and you will have to do a factory reset using the above to access the CWM recovery.  So no Greenify at this point.
    • By ping7075
      Onda v819i
      how to
      windows 8.1 with bing activator ?
    • By billyred7
      Hello, i am trying to install the  Onda V975M V2.0.1 Android 4.4.2 ROM but an error occurs on instalation,
      Firstly, i have firmware v.1.0.7.v3  .I downloaded the roms from onda official site and tried to update my firmware with OTA UPDATE from a local file.
      The tablet turn off and then the instalation starts but then the same error everytime occurs. IT SAYS : THIS PACKAGE IS FOR K12_MA975M8 DEVICES. THIS DEVICE IS A K12_MA975M8_B.
      I tried to install both v1 and v3 versions roms. But the same error occurs. Does anyone knows what is going wrong? Can anyone help me to update my v975m tablet to 4.4.2 version??
      Thanks in advance!