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USB charging whilst using USB

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Whoaaaa thanks for this! Can you please test if it also powers the peripherals? That is, can it charge the tablet and at the same time power an external portable hard disk or something else that the tablet cannot normally power by itself? Thanks a lot in advance!

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Some news: I receive my USB OTG Cable (http://www.pabbos.com/Lenovo-miix2-8-OTG-cable-cord-perfect-for-simultaneous-charging-and-data-transfer_p22g8652bf.shtml) and everythings run well: I can charge my Tablett and at the same time I can access to USB peripheral (I test USB Key, USB Dongle Wireless mouse).

I test also with a powered USB 3 HUB and evry thing work well. I provide supply to my USB HUB and all my péripheral are powered (external USB Disk, Wireless mouse dongle ...) and the tablett is  charging at the same time.


I test on v891w and v975w, both of them are OK with this cable :)


Very good product.




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This 10-Port Hub is great for people who have several devices that they connect to their computer. It is very easy to install. You just connect the USB cable to the hub, then connect the USB to the computer and the computer automatically downloads the driver needed to make the usb hub work. You can connect up ten devices with USB cords to the hub.



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